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The Renaissance is the eleventh case in the adventure game Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time.



"You're heading for the height of Europe's Renaissance: Florence, Italy in 1505. But where there should be a masterpiece, there's just a lot of moping. See if you can cheer things up.

I wouldn't think of sending you to the Renaissance without Renee Santz, great painter and Good Guide. Good luck, and remember to keep your detective work in perspective!" -- The Chief


  • Repair the jesting machine



Carmen Notes[]

They love the arts in Florence fair, And for such things we thieves do care
Your task today my clever crook will be to snatch da Vinci’s book!
While others fret about a smile, hide just beneath a “loot” drawn tile, inscribed in Leo’s writing style.

Scrap Locations[]

  • Pinned on a wall with a dagger
  • Under the correct toothed wheel
  • On the ground where the jesting machine was

Thief's Location[]

  • Under the tile with the “tool” word


“Back to ACME jail for you, Sir Vile! Perhaps we’ll put that plate armor of yours to good use this time. As license plates!” -- Renee Santz

"Fine! I am recaptured! But do not gloat, ye ACME rogues. Lady Carmen still roams free!" -- Sir Vile

"Well done, Detective! You subdued Sir Vile again, got the machinery in order, and helped Leonardo get a chuckle out of Mona Lisa.

Thanks to you, art and science of the Renaissance will keep coming together in wild new ways. Excellent work, as usual." -- The Chief

"Yes, you are quite a worthy opponent. But in the end, I'll outsmart you. I've got much grander plans underway." -- Carmen Sandiego

"Sounds like another time crime is already in the works. Can you move on to another case right now?" -- The Chief