"I had no choice! She is psychotic!"

—Le Chevre to the V.I.L.E. council members, about Paper Star.

Le Chevre is an operative of V.I.L.E. Academy.


Le Chèvre is a tall man with black hair and dark skin. He wears an earring on one ear and a slick bodysuit with purple accents. He also wears fingerless gloves and stealth shoes.


At first, when Black Sheep met Le Chèvre, he seemed calm, respecting, and mostly serious. He was very clever and smart as well. When Tigress, Crackle, Black Sheep, and El Topo got detention, they gave themselves code names. Jean-Paul called himself Le Chevre.

When he graduated, he became more cold, rude, and distant to Black Sheep. When the Cleaners were bringing Carmen back, Le Chèvre glared at her. Le Chevre is also very smart, clever and quite agile.

If someone bothers him, he usually retaliates and yells at them for doing something wrong, and he may also say rude things to them. Le Chevre said to Paper Star that he has completed more successful missions than her.






Le Chèvre Was Born On April 16th, 1999 Making Him An Aries.

He Loves Cats And Dogs

His Age Is Unknown, But He Looks Mid 20s To Late ash 30s Since HE Was Born in 1999.

His Favorite Food And Drink Is Chips And Soda While He Dislikes Studying And Coffee

  • Exclusively goes on missions with El Topo and prioritizes his partner's safety over completing their objectives. Dr. Bellum even casually refers to El Topo as his "dear boy".
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