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"I like heights. I'm the greatest rock climber in the world, you know."
―Le Chèvre's introduction to his roommates

Jean-Paul, or Le Chèvre is an operative of V.I.L.E. and a former classmate of Carmen Sandiego's at V.I.L.E. Academy.


Le Chèvre is a tall thin man with slicked back black hair and dark skin. He wears silver earrings and a slick bodysuit with mauve accents. He also wears finger-less gloves and stealth shoes.


At first, when Black Sheep met Le Chèvre, he seemed confident and gruff, not exactly friendly. In agility based classes, he was shown to be a bit impatient due to his headstrong nature. When Tigress, Crackle, Black Sheep, and El Topo got detention, they gave themselves code names. Jean-Paul called himself Le Chèvre.

When he graduated, he became more cold, rude, and distant to Black Sheep. When the Cleaners were bringing Black Sheep back to the island, Le Chèvre shot her a disapproving glare.

If someone bothers him, he usually retaliates and yells at them for doing something wrong, and he may also say rude things to them. Le Chèvre scorned Paper Star for disobeying protocol, declaring that he has completed more successful missions than her. When El Topo revealed information to Shadowsan, Le Chèvre punched his shoulder to quiet him.

However, he does have a caring side, as shown when he warned Carmen to abandon her mission in the Boston Tea Party Caper, for he did not want to hurt her. Ultimately, he abandoned his camaraderie towards Black Sheep after Carmen refused to abort her mission.

Le Chèvre is incredibly acrobatic but low tech, preferring to rely on his skills and simple tools like nets and ropes even when there's more high tech equipment that could do the job faster. In Who in the World is Carmen Sandiego? he claims he is the greatest rock climber in the world, attesting to his confidence in his own abilities.

"You cannot outclimb a goat!"

- Le Chevre, The Opera in the Outback Caper

In To Steal or Not To Steal, he acted very prideful when the ‘great Carmen Sandiego‘ required his help.

After VILE's arrest by ACME, he and El Topo give up their lives as VILE operatives, settle down, and run their own food stand.










  • His code name means "The Goat" in French, and he's repeatedly compared to one. And like a goat, he can leap high up in the air. Plus, he prefers to do his capers from great heights.
    • He may have gotten the idea for his code name from Coach Brunt, who affectionately calls him a mountain goat.
      • The grammar of his name in the show is actually incorrect. "Le Chèvre" translates to "Goat Cheese" in French, whereas the correct translation of "The Goat" would be "La Chèvre."
  • Throughout the series, Le Chèvre mostly goes on missions with El Topo and prioritizes his partner's safety over completing their objectives. Dr. Bellum even calls El Topo Le Chevre's "dear boy".
  • Duane Capizzi confirmed that he and El Topo are a couple in an Instagram Live interview.
  • In origami class, he attempted to make a paper goat.