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ACME Good Guide Kim Yoonity, aunt of ACME Good Guide Rock Solid, is a firm believer in the world being just one, big, global village. She is one of the most well connected people on the planet Earth and has the telephone bill to prove it. Kim Yoonity is also an ACME Good Guide. Her name is a play on "community".


Kim was one of the seven ACME Good Guides that helped the Player in World and U.S.A, by giving them a tour of their surroundings and checking on their warrants. In World, Kim lassoes crooks using a telephone cord. In U.S.A., she gives crooks a balloon that floats them up, and then blow darts the balloon to pop it and cause the crooks to crash land unconscious. In both games, Kim teams up with the other Good Guides in capturing Carmen Sandiego in the finale.[1]