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Just Like Old Times is the 10th and final episode of Season 3 of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? It was broadcast by Fox Family Worldwide on November 18, 1995.


It's a Globe Hopping Christmas Carmen, and the kids are leaving her the clues this time! As Carmen does the “investigative” work, we turn the structure on its ear, with a holiday twist.


Christmas time!

In New York City, Ivy and Zack are skating at the Rockefeller Center. Ivy is adept at skating ice but zack tries to listen to a message on his Walkman and boasting the benefits of subliminal learning. He proves it does not work well. Chief dials in and briefs them on the latest activity; Carmen Sandiego has been spotted in Greenland. The pair use a C5 corridor to Greenland, where they see Carmen on a tower. Ivy and Zack try to climb up but Carmen jumps down and takes a away from a machine. Her two henchman try to follow via snowmobiles but taken out by Ivy and Zack. Both notice water stream moving on the ground and follow into a cave. In this cave, the stream turns into a massive river and water cavern. Carmen get into a massive river. The sub dives and zack's foot catches on a metal piece. Ivy dives in to the water and rescues him.

In ACME headquarters, Zack and Ivy are wrapping up their Christmas night. Everyone, including Chief, are happy the holidays are here. Zack and Ivy head out for the night; Zack wants to go home while Ivy has some last minute shopping. Some errors occur as Chief is alone; Carmen Sandiego, Manny, Lars Vegas, and Moe Skeeter are in a cavern where they hack into the ACME database and try to steal Chief. They manage to get him but without the memories of Carmen where she turned to VILE, something that delights Carmen. Chief receives a clue and it is about Zack and Ivy; this clue included 4 images and sounded out referred to George Handel's Messiah oratorio, of which the original manuscript is located in the British Museum in London, England. There she steals a book, but is confronted by ACME detectives Barrow and Reggis. Both give chase but she escapes but falls throw a railing, falling down; However, she uses her umbrella to move and escape. Om a craft, she gets a clue and it takes her to Rome. A theft of a cannon from the Castle d Saint Angela fails as acme detectives thwart it.

The chief then comes in and gives a clue; it forms the German word Tennebaum, which translates to “Christmas Tree”. Instead of going to Washington D.C. at the White House, she decides to go to the New York Rockefeller Center and steal that one. There, she is met with Zack and Ivy but rebuffs them and steals the tree. Ivy and Zack are dismayed but Zack and installed a tracker on the tree so they use a C5 corridor to their hideout. There Carmen has set up everything for a Christmas: Just has she wanted. Zack and Ivy come and kick her out and restore Chief's memories, all of which made him think he experienced a weird dream.

Ivy thinks she cornered Carmen but she escapes via a flying floor board with rockets. Carmen left gift boxes by the tree. When opened, they contained dolls of Carmen that has a pre-recorded message saying “The only Carmen you will ever catch is this one. Merry Christmas”.

Ivy concludes by expressing “Merry Christmas Carmen”.

Stolen Items[]

  • Composition book for George Handel's Messiah
  • Cannon from Castle d Saint Anglica
  • Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center


  • George Handel's Messiah
  • A mention of witches La Befana
  • Tennebaum – German word for Christmas Tree


  • Rockefeller Center, New York City
  • British Museum, England
  • Trenton, New Jersey (mentioned)
  • Salem (mentioned)
  • Portugal (mentioned)
  • Rome, Italy
  • Washington D.C. (mentioned)



  • This episode marks the 3rd time that Carmen has been to London, England.


  • Can you name the composer of this famous tune?
    • The name of the composer of this famous tune was George Frederic Handel
  • In Italy, children don't believe in Santa Clasus. Who do they believe brings them Christmas presents?
    • Children in Italy believe the witch La Befana flies in on her broomstick and gives them broomstick


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