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This article is about the character from the 2019 animated series. You may be looking for the character from the video games.

Julia "Jules" Argent is a detective at A.C.M.E., Chase Devineaux's partner at Interpol and now A.C.M.E.


Initially, she and Inspector Devineaux are Interpol agents assigned to the case to apprehend Carmen Sandiego. In "Becoming Carmen Sandiego: Part I", Devineaux had commented that this was Argent's second week on the job, which would imply that she was only a new inspector at Interpol.

Argent has a keen eye for minute details and is very attentive to her surroundings. This is something that Devineaux lacks in (by choice) and will often display jealously regarding her natural talent for detective work to the point of dismissal.

After discovering that Carmen didn't just break into an ordinary house but a house full of stolen goods taken by V.I.L.E., she came to the conclusion that Carmen might not be a thief who steals for herself but a thief that steals from other thieves. Due to an unfortunate turn of events where Devineaux was instantly distracted by his car breaking down, the possibility of coming to that conclusion together was missed. Thus resulting in a tarnished opportunity for future cohesion and true teamwork. This would cause Chase to be arrogant towards Julia's views on Carmen's motives which would instill a rift between the two until an eventual argument would break out as a result.

After Devineaux apprehended Crackle instead of Carmen in Paris, the Interpol detectives returned to Interpol with the V.I.L.E. villain only for him to disappear in the interrogation room when The Cleaners picked him up.

Frustrated by the events of the day, Devineaux bids farewell to the detective for the night in an overly harsh way (which he shows remorse for once she turns away). Just as he is about to get into his broken car, two strangers knock him out.

After realizing there was something else she wanted to say to him, Argent went back to Devineaux's car to find that it hadn't left the garage. Worried of sorts, she calls him, hoping that he just caught public transportation instead, just getting his voice mail. This is when she notices that the roll of mints he was eating earlier were scattered across the floor leading to a utility closet where Devineaux was being debriefed by The Chief and that the strangers were A.C.M.E. agents.

Impressed by Argent's attention to detail, The Chief initiated Argent with Devineaux into A.C.M.E. to find out more about V.I.L.E. in ''The Fishy Doubloon Caper''.

Julia Argent and Chase Devineaux begin their official work as new A.C.M.E officers and are instantly propelled into the case as its leaders. Their professional relationship remains stretched and unbalanced as Devineaux slips further into mediocrity in comparison to Argent due to his unwavering desire to provide evidence to the case.

After one too many mistakes, Argent and Devineaux receive their final briefing as partners in ''The French Connection Caper''. Chase is berated for his misdeeds and Julia is praised for hers. Julia remains confident in that they did work together trying to include him in on the compliment, Chase, not accepting her faux inclusion when she is commended on her good work. An argument breaks out right after between them.

It is clear that Chief favors Argent throughout her time at A.C.M.E and often compliments her skills and deductions and makes sure they are highlighted and given chances lead with her opinions. But it is also apparent that The Chief is wary and later down the line critical of Julia's persistence that Carmen Sandiego is good, rather than pure evil. This is put to the ultimate test in the episode: ''The Stockholm Syndrome Caper'' when a chance, that could possibly ruin her career, is afforded to her after her continuing persistence to give Carmen a chance. The Chief allows her to talk to Carmen Sandiego alone, without interference when in tailing what they thought was Carmen Sandiego (but was actually Ivy in disguise). This is to The Chief's short patience and even Agent Zari's dismay when informed in the change of plan. This is initially successful where Julia attempts to instill trust between the two parties, insuring that A.C.M.E is merely here to help, but this is short-lived. A.C.M.E promptly storms the Belltower causing Carmen to flee and subsequently injure herself in the pursuit.

Throughout her time within A.C.M.E and as Agent Zari's partner, her opinions on who is truly good and evil are thrown quickly into true doubt when Shadowsan (his name unknown to them) appears beside Carmen Sandiego in "The Hot Rocks of Rio Caper, Part 2". Agent Zari informs her that one of the two people identified by Devineaux as his kidnappers, was the one beside Carmen after they disappear when perused. This shocks her, after previously in the episode disputing what Devineaux saw as being possibly incorrect or not what he thought he saw.

In the third season, Julia and Devineaux are reinstated as partners, although they do not seem as well-acquainted with each other as they were before, with Devineaux returning to his egotistical behavior towards her. In "The Day of the Dead Caper", Julia finally decides her heart is no longer in it to hunt down Carmen Sandiego, preferring to accept an offer to become a history professor and put her second degree in the subject to use. The Chief accepts this, but informs Julia she will be welcomed back if she ever decides to return. After she leaves, she is not seen again, but frequently mentioned. It is from Julia’s statements and perception on Carmen that Devineaux begins to doubt his actions, along with starting to act like her in each situation. It is also noted that he begins to open up to Julia’s assumptions of Carmen, finally starting to see how the super-thief is not truly a villain.

By season 4, Julia is firmly in her position as a university lecturer at what appears to be Oxford University in England. During a lecture in ''The Himalayan Rescue Caper'', Chase Devineaux appears sitting in the back (wearing his Lucky Cat Coat), holding up a book to cover his face, despite it clearly being him. Julia is aware of his sudden intrusion. Once the lecture is complete, Devineaux tails her before coming face to face with one another, Julia inviting Chase back to her office after a rocky interaction. Devineaux proceeds to lament on his past decisions, with a slight prompt from Julia, hinting that he has changed his opinions on Carmen Sandiego. He attempts to explain how he came to the realization that Carmen Sandiego may not be what she seems but is stopped on the grounds that he shouldn't be sharing classified ACME intel. Chase inquires after her opinion on the matter: If Carmen Sandiego is good or not. Julia is unsure on how to answer, proposing a meeting on the following Friday at noon to discuss further and closes the door on an eager Devineaux.

In the episode ''The V.I.L.E History Caper'' Carmen Sandiego and her team seek out Julia to aid them in their deciphering of a V.I.L.E relic. Carmen Sandiego appears at one of her lectures (as Devineaux once did an episode prior) leaving Julia shocked, halting the lecture. Julia takes Carmen Sandiego back to her office, where Carmen Sandiego asks for her help. Throughout this, Carmen Sandiego congratulates Julia for following her aspirations, as well as asks about the saved date for the lunch with Devineaux on her schedule. Julia accepts Carmen Sandiego's invitation, with slight wariness, to help in decoding and providing historical guidance to aid them in their quest to find the V.I.L.E treasures first. Julia is introduced to Player in the episode ''The Egyptian Decryption Caper'' and is seen regularly keeping in contact over the proceeding days.

Due to Julia's now involvement with Team Red as well as to a well placed visual confirmation by Saira Bellum, Julia is targeted by V.I.L.E and subsequently captured/kidnapped in ''The Egyptian Decryption Caper'' by Countess Cleo and The Cleaners with Tigress in assistance. Instead of cracking the final code for Team Red, Julia is pressured by Countess Cleo to aid V.I.L.E, thereafter leading them to the pyramids of Giza to claim the treasure first.

Julia is presumed to have been held captive by V.I.L.E for upmost of 2 days, Chase Devineaux appears that Friday at noon for the lunch. When arriving, Julia is nowhere to be seen. At the same time, Carmen Sandiego has become worried about the lack thereof communication and Julia's sudden silence. Carmen Sandiego, with help from Player, investigate, calling her office phone in the university as a last effort. Devineaux is the one to instead intercept the call, coming to the realization that Julia is in trouble after learning that she has been helping Carmen Sandiego. Carmen Sandiego allows Devineaux to accompany her in rescuing Julia in Egypt only if he leaves A.C.M.E out of the picture. He accepts and follows Carmen Sandiego to Egypt to rescue Julia.

Julia, accompanied by Countess Cleo, The Cleaners and Tigress find their way to and then deep into the pyramids first. With Julia's best efforts to slow the process, Countess Cleo reaches the gate to the V.I.L.E treasure and is confronted by Carmen Sandiego (with Devineaux distracting Tigress). Carmen Sandiego attempts to wager Julia's and the treasures safety with the key Countess Cleo still lacks, unfortunately getting incapacitated and captured by The Cleaners. During this, Julia attempts to fight back, getting pushed into the open hole in the room’s floor by Countess Cleo but is pulled out after Carmen fails to stop The Cleaners.

Once entering the final V.I.L.E treasure room, Carmen Sandiego is ready to fight back as Devineaux catches up, victorious from his fight with Tigress. Julia is surprised by his appearance, as Carmen hints to Devineaux to use A.C.M.E ties. Reluctantly accepting, Devineaux uses his communication pen to call for The Chief, and ACME. Countess Cleo and her team flee as Carmen follows. Devineaux aids a pleased Julia in removing her restraints, asking him how he found her. Devineaux begins to explain how he didn't do it alone before both realizing Carmen Sandiego has already left in pursuit of V.I.L.E.

By the end of the episode ''The Egyptian Decryption Caper'', Julia and Chase Devineaux are seen being swarmed by reporters after the enormous historical find within the pyramids, asking for who was responsible for the find. Julia appears saddened when Chase takes the stand, expecting him to take credit as he answers the reporters. Instead, declaring in dedication to Julia: ''All credit belongs to this wise woman. Expert in fascinating facts and interesting things.'' (a direct callback and now twist to his line in the episode ''Becoming Carmen Sandiego: Part 1'') Before humbly stepping back to allow Julia to take the stand with an honoured and pleased smile. Ready to explain, beginning with how all the information is classified. The Chief comes to Julia as she rewatches the same interview, officially commending her on her handling of the situation, and formally invites her back, which she accepts.

At the beginning of ''The Viennese Waltz Caper'', Julia has officially returned as an agent of A.C.M.E and is back as Devineaux's partner. This time around, she greets him with a smile, Devineaux equally as pleased and excited to see her back. He goes in for a hug, Julia a handshake. They then switch gestures, to line with the other that they provided before, until Julia holds out her hand for a fist bump which he accepts. Devineaux enquirers after her academic career, Julia explains how recent events have inspired a change of heart, warranting her desire to return to A.C.M.E and their new positive opinion on Carmen Sandiego, as well as Devineaux's kind and overdue gesture in the episode prior. Though, jokingly warning that she would have to quit again is A.C.M.E decided to ever deem Carmen Sandiego an enemy.

Despite Julia now being Devineaux's partner again, The Chief tasks Julia was a special assignment: finding Carmen Sandiego's mother. Over a 3 week time jump, Julia is called out with Devineaux to investigate a museum in Vienna, Austria, where V.I.L.E agents Tigress, Crackle, El Topo, Le Chevre and the freshly mind-wiped and evil, Carmen Sandiego are already lurking. They investigate the area together as they chat, unknowing that Carmen Sandiego has turned before being interrupted by Agent Zari and another A.C.M.E. agent. Zari explains that Julia is in charge, requesting orders. Julia is taken aback as is Devineaux briefly before smiling, knowing she can handle the situation. Julia guides Zari and her partner away to make sure Carmen Sandiego can do her job, prompting a fist bump in success from Devineaux, which she accepts gladly if jokingly.


Julia Argent is an incredibly intelligent individual. She remains calm and levelheaded even during stressful situations. Argent shows herself to be professional, but also to have a slightly goofy side, such as when, during season 1, she was seen talking to herself in a mirror and pointing finger guns. She is a very caring person even to those who have previously wronged her and believes in giving second chances, ultimately having the belief that no one is truly a bad person or evil. Julia prefers to give one the benefit of the doubt.

Argent is very soft-spoken and serious with her work at A.C.M.E, yet remains sharp and focused on duty. Julia has once even shown to be quick-witted and willing to make a joke at another's expense in a more formal way than others. Julia once made a swift comment to Devineaux after he lost his keycard, unable to open the secret office to interrogate Mime Bomb, concluding that his 'lucky jacket' must not be so lucky if it has previously brought him so much misery when wearing it. A few instances she has even retorted back with implied sarcasm to Devineaux frustrations or comments of the situation, proving she is not intimidated by Devineaux or anyone else.

If pushed, she will assert herself to make her case; such as when Devineaux accused her of being silent partners with Carmen, spurring an argument between them where Julia let out her true frustrations with her then partner. As well as when tensions run high between her and Agent Zari in ''The Hot Rocks of Rio Caper, Part 2''. Proving that she is strong-willed and very sure of herself, her beliefs, abilities, and intelligence, something Chase Devineaux and The Chief comment on either to themselves during self-reflection or directly to her.

By the end of Season 4, Julia is seen to have completely patched her relationship with Devineaux, now friends and seen pleased to be within his company, and his partner (by the 3 week, then 6 month and finally the 2 year time jumps). Both now officially a team and sharing their opinions, aware of his reverence. Devineaux now welcomes and even initiates historical conversation, discussions and explanations from her as of which now she is well accustomed too and enjoys. Julia appears to be greatly appreciative of his new supportive nature, even to the point of making inside jokes during missions in such as in ''The Dark Red Caper'' and continuing the fist bump first seen in the episode ''The Viennese Waltz Caper''. Proving that she is equally witty as she is serious.

Physical description

A young woman in her mid-20s. Julia Argent has short cut hair navy blue hair with a blue shine and fair skin who wears darkly rimmed round glasses. Julia Argent is of mixed-heritage of Chinese and British[3], having a fair skin tone with freckles on her cheeks and nose bridge. She dresses professionally and has a slender build of a female law enforcement officer with applicable physical activity.



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  • Whereas her 2001 counterpart had black hair, here it's navy blue.
  • Julia has been seen on multiple occasions speaking to herself in mirrors, always somehow in relation to Carmen.
  • While Julia's pre-production sketches features jet black hair with small bangs, the final design features a different, more compact hairstyle.
  • When Julia received flowers from Carmen, it hinted at a possible romantic interest in each other as they seemed to have a special connection with each other.
  • In the Season 3 episode Day of the Dead Caper, Julia leaves ACME and wants to put her second degree in use. It is said that she would like to be an ancient history teacher, hinting that Julia might have a degree in history.
  • She is the only major female character to have her first and last name confirmed in the series.
  • Julia is the only character who is not part of Team Red to interact with Player and know his affiliations with Carmen.