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This article is about the character from the 2019 animated series. You may be looking for the character from the video games.

Julia "Jules" Argent is a detective at A.C.M.E., she is the work partner of Chase Devineaux before stepping down to teach History at a University. Upon being asked by Carmen Sandiego regarding help deciphering a code, Julia returned to A.C.M.E and remained with them even after V.I.L.E's downfall.

Initiation into A.C.M.E

Originally a new recruit for Interpol, Julia Argent was assigned as Chase Devineaux's partner and the two of them were placed on the case to apprehend Carmen Sandiego, who was wanted for seemingly stealing various valuable objects. Despite being new on the job and having only been with Interpol for two weeks, Julia showed great knowledge on their target. However, Chase showed and made it known that he did not care to hear it, stating that her facts were useless.

After coming to the conclusion that Carmen had stolen from thieves, Julia began believing that the former was not stealing just for herself, although she was unable to fully link it all together. After the car broke down, Julia attempted to explain her theory, but Chase, angered at what had happened with his car, did not want to hear it. Julia then stayed behind at the penthouse that Carmen had previously been in as Chase ran after to chase Carmen on the train. The confrontation ended with Chase apprehending Graham Calloway, the V.I.L.E operative known as Crackle, who was later released from an outside source and picked up by The Cleaners.

Despite being upset with Chase, Julia wished her partner a good night and left the area, not seeing that Chase had been knocked out and taken by two unnamed agents from another organisation other than Interpol. Upon remembering she had something else to say, Julia went to find Chase only to find he was no longer in the garage. Noticing a few mints on the ground, Julia followed the trail and discovered Chase inside with The Chief and the agents from earlier. Impressed by Julia's attention to even the smallest of details, The Chief suggested Julia become an agent of A.C.M.E, an offer which Julia took.

With A.C.M.E

As an agent of A.C.M.E, Julia and Chase were quickly placed on their first official case. In wanting to learn about V.I.L.E, Julia remained knowledgeable on many subjects during the case, much to Chase's annoyance.

Even though Chase was soon berated for his attitude on cases and his mistakes, Julia was praised for how she worked and still complimented Chase for his work despite his attitude towards her during work. Despite seeing her potential, The Chase disagrees with Julia's theory that Carmen is a good thief and insists she must be apprehended at all costs, still sure that Carmen is not a bad person, Julia attempted to build trust with her only for Carmen to become wise to A.C.M.E's interference and attempt to leave the scene although injures herself quite badly, the change in plan upsets Julia as she wanted to speak with Carmen alone.

After being assigned as Agent's Zari's partner after Chase was fired, Julia soon doubts her theory about Carmen after learning Shadowsan was allies with the supposed thief, after Chase was re-instated as an agent, he and Julia were placed back as partners. The latter finally comes to her hearts desire and steps down from her role as an agent and insists she would rather teach as a History teacher, upon her leave, Chase soon starts believing in Julia's theory.

History Lecturer

During a lecture at a University, Julia seemingly became distracted upon noticing Chase was in the crowd of people listening to her, as the two reconcile, Chase mentions he no longer sees Carmen as a thief and as someone that should be tracked down though Julia informs him to remain quiet on A.C.M.E intel but offers to talk to him again the following Friday.

Reunion with Carmen

Julia was soon approached by Carmen, who had snuck into a lecture, and asked for help to decipher a treasure that V.I.L.E was after, Carmen praises Julia for following her dreams and the two remain in contact along with the rest of Team Red over the following days. After being discovered to be in league with Carmen, Countess Cleo captured Julia and they, alongside The Cleaners and Sheena, went to Egypt in order to claim the treasure before Carmen and her team could get to it, the capture causes her to miss her promised meeting with Chase, after Carmen calls Julia's office room, she speaks with Chase and the two deduce that Julia is in trouble, they then go to Egypt.

Inside the pyramids, Julia attempts to halt the process but the group soon becomes confronted by Carmen and Chase, Julia is then pushed into the open hole but rescued by Carmen, now with The Chief seeing the scene, the V.I.L.E operative flee as Chase frees Julia from her restraints. After being surrounded by reporters, Chase credits Julia for the historical find, The Chief later later asks Julia to return to A.C.M.E and she accepts the offer.

Return to A.C.M.E

After returning to A.C.M.E, Julia was once again placed as Chase's partner and the two start investigating several areas in order to learn more about V.I.L.E, after not knowing Carmen was brainwashed, Julia notices her on the rooftop and believes she is going after V.I.L.E, after the downfall of her enemies, Julia continued working with A.C.M.E two years later when Zack and Ivy were appointed agents.


Julia is a young woman who is highly intelligent in many subjects, she appreciates history and prefers to gain confirmed evidence before accusing anyone and sees the good in people such as seeing Carmen as a possibly ally instead of an actual thief, she can also be serious when on cases.

Physical description

A young woman in her mid-20s. Julia Argent has short cut hair navy blue hair with a blue shine and fair skin who wears darkly rimmed round glasses. Julia Argent is of mixed-heritage of Chinese and British[3], having a fair skin tone with freckles on her cheeks and nose bridge. She dresses professionally and has a slender build.



  • Unnamed mother (Mentioned)







  • Whereas her 2001 counterpart had black hair, here it's navy blue.
  • Julia has been seen on multiple occasions speaking to herself in mirrors, always somehow in relation to Carmen.
  • While Julia's pre-production sketches features jet black hair with small bangs, the final design features a different, more compact hairstyle.
  • When Julia received flowers from Carmen, it hinted at a possible romantic interest in each other as they seemed to have a special connection with each other.
  • In the Season 3 episode Day of the Dead Caper, Julia leaves ACME and wants to put her second degree in use. It is said that she would like to be an ancient history teacher, hinting that Julia might have a degree in history.
  • Julia is the only character who is not part of Team Red to interact with Player and know his affiliations with Carmen.