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This article is about the video game character. You may be looking for the character from the 2019 animated series.

Julia "Jules" Argent, was once a partner of Carmen Sandiego and despite the latter's later allegiance with being a thief and leader of V.I.L.E, Julia still believed Carmen was the greatest agent that ACME ever had. As a former partner, Julia is experienced with Carmen's methods and is quite knowledgeable of many topics, she writes down what she knows, such as clues, in a journal and has a very good sense of intuition.

She also believes that "everyone" at ACME blamed her for Carmen defecting. Carmen claimed that Julia was a very opinionated individual and said that was what made her hard to work with though it is never confirmed what the true reason was.

Physical Appearance[]

Julia appears Asian and is around her early twenties with short, jet black hair. She wears an open-brown blazer, an orange shirt, beige trousers and black shoes.