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Jacqueline Hyde in Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego?

Jacqueline Hyde is one of Carmen's henchmen in "Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego?". She is a teenaged girl with a split personality, one ("Jacqueline") being sweet and innocent, while the other ("Hyde") is evil and insane. Her name is a pun of "(Dr.) Jekyll and (Mr.) Hyde".


TV Show[]

Season 1[]

Jacqueline was the first of Carmen's henchmen to appear in the TV series, making many thefts for her. Such thefts included the Olympic Flame, the Earl's Sandwich, and the Boston Tea Party.

Season 2[]

Jacqueline's thievery didn't stop at one season. The 2nd season's thefts included the medieval guilds, Haiti, and the Federalist Party.

Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time[]

In the game, Carmen first sends Jacqueline to Marco Polo's time, where she steals the precious oils for Kublai Khan. But with help from Rock Solid, the player caught Jacqueline in a coal mine and recovered the oils. When Carmen broke Jacqueline out of jail, she went to Beethoven's time (1808) to steal the scores to his 5th and 6th symphonies. Together, the player and Renee Santz re-score the symphonies, and afterwords, caught Jacqueline behind a Sousaphone, taking her back to ACME.


  • "My dear ACME friends, I know you're only doing your jobs. (changes to Hyde) BUT YOU WON'T KEEP ME LOCKED UP FOR LONG, LOSERS!"
  • "I must say, it's nice to see you sleuths again. (changes to Hyde) BUT YOU'LL BOTH BE HISTORY ONCE CARMEN POLISHES OFF HER PLAN!"
  • "HEY TIME PILOTS! CATCH!!" (As Hyde, attacking the Chronoskimmer in Season 1.)
  • "SEE YA, TIME PILOTS! I'M NOT DONE YET!" (As Hyde, escaping into the Trail of Time in Season 1.)
  • "HEY PILOTS! WANT DIRECTIONS TO THE JUNKYARD?? NOW YOU'RE GONNA NEED'EM, HAHAHA!" (As Hyde, attacking the Chronoskimmer hatch in Season 2.)
  • "See? Good always wins over evil. (changes to Hyde) OH YEAH?! WELL WHO ASKED YOU?!" (Escaping into the Trail of Time in Season 2.)