This article is about the character from the 2019 animated series. You may be looking for the character from the 1994 animated series.

Ivy is a professional thief who works with her brother Zack and Carmen Sandiego.

Zack and Ivy are originally from Boston, Massachusetts, a city in the US.

They also met Carmen for the first time in a donut shop in South Boston, which Carmen was casing for being a V.I.L.E hideout.

She has a thick Boston accent like her brother, but can disguise her voice. However, her knowledge of languages is a bit mixed up.

She is a master of disguise and often fills in for Carmen as a double when she needs to be.

Like everyone on Carmen's team, she uses her thieving skills for good.

Ivy is also known to have a small fear of heights and does not enjoy taking risks like her brother, Zack. Though Ivy can get very frustrated with her brother's actions and decisions, she loves him very much.


Ivy is generally more competent, more cautious and less easily distracted than her brother. She generally takes charge when they are separated from Carmen.

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