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Ivan Idea is an ACME Good Guide and inventor. His name is a pun on "I've an idea!" He is a teenager with blond hair who wears a backward baseball cap. In early games, he is depicted as a boy in a blue jumpsuit and a jetpack, along with many different inventions. Later versions show him in an olive t-shirt over a long-sleeved white short, medium-length shorts, and sneakers.

Despite his age, Ivan is a highly intelligent inventor and his inventions include the ACME Babel Translator and the Chronoskimmer. When he accompanies the player on missions, he apprehends VILE henchmen with his many inventions.


ACME Good Guide

Ivan was one of the seven ACME Good Guides that helped the Player in World and U.S.A, by giving them a tour of their surroundings and checking on their warrants. In World, Ivan summons one of his gadgets to use a hammer to hit a crook on the head, knocking them out. In U.S.A., he uses another gadget with a giant hand to flatten crooks. In both games, Ivan teams up with the other Good Guides in capturing Carmen Sandiego in the finale. In U.S.A, Ivan uses one of his gadgets to carry himself and his allies to chase after Carmen and stop her from adding the Declaration of Independence to her collection. The gadget swiftly knocks out RoboCrook and traps Carmen in the capsule, while the document is secured by the guides.[1]

Ivan was also a Good Guide in the ACME Time Pilot program to help the Player in capturing V.I.L.E agents in the past. He helped the player in ancient Rome, Germany, New Jersey and Soviet Russia. In the last case, Ivan recovered the Chronoskimmer which enabled ACME to find and capture Carmen.[2]

The Babble-On Machine

Ivan was one of the twelve ACME agents captured by Carmen and forcefully connected to the Babble-On Machine. When he was eventually freed by Agent 13, Ivan gave them a part of the password to self-destruct the Tower of Babble.[3]