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Ivan Idea, is an ACME Good Guide and inventor. His name is a pun on the phrase "I have an idea", he is a young, teenage boy with blonde hair and commonly wears an olive green shirt with another white shirt underneath, he also wears cream shorts and brown shoes, and wears a red baseball cap that faces backwards.

In other iterations, he wears a blue jumpsuit and has a jetpack, though he also has various amounts of inventions with him. Due to his highly scientific mind, Ivan creates many useful devices for ACME such as the Babel Translator and the Chronoskimmer, when on missions with the player, he apprehends Carmen Sandiego's V.I.L.E henchmen with many of his inventions.


ACME Good Guide[]

At first, Ivan is one of the seven Good Guides that accompany the player during their missions in Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? and Where in the U.S.A is Carmen Sandiego?. As his title suggests, Ivan escorts the player around the world and giving them a tour of their current location. In World, Ivan uses one of his inventions to use as a hammer to hit a crook on the head which in turn, knocks him out. In U.S.A, he brings out another device that has a giant hand on it that flattens those he is after, he can also use his inventions to carry himself and his allies making it more easy on them to attempt to capture Carmen.

During one of his attempts at apprehending Carmen, he prevented her from stealing the Declaration of Independance and then knocked out RoboCrook which left Carmen trapped within the capsule, using this advantage, Ivan and the other guides recovered the document.[1]

At some point, Ivan was recruited into the ACME Time Pilot program where he helped his allies in capturing V.I.L.E operatives that were dispersed in the past. Four locations he helped in included Ancient Rome, Germany, New Jersey and Soveit Russia, in his final case, Ivan recovered the Chronoskimmer and by doing so, ACME captured Carmen.[2]

The Babble-On Machine[]

Alongside twelve other ACME agent, Ivan was captured by Carmen and unwillingly connected to the Babble-On Machine. After being freed by Agent 13, Ivan gave them part of the password to self-destruct the Tower of Babble.[3]




  • His design resembles the 1994 incarnation of Zack.