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Huang Li is a Chinese banker in Beijing. He is the manager of gold bouillon at China's largest bank.


Li was the target of a kidnapping attempt by V.I.L.E.. At the time, he was allowed to have a private tour of the Forbidden City in Beijing, where he was accompanied by his daughter Xifeng and a bodyguard Oxtail. Lady Dokuso, and Neal the Eel had been dispatched by Roundabout to catch him. During a tea ceremony, Dokuso poisoned his tea, but it was taken away by Zack and Ivy.

Later the next day, he was to perform opera at the performance center. He was knocked out in the dressing room while dressed in a costume, and put on a van but was rescued in a bait and switch. Later, he performed in the opera with his daughter.


Huang Li was noted by Xifeng to be proud and certain of his safety under the knowledge of the skill of his bodyguard. Despite this, Huang Li was also evidently a good-natured man who cared for those under him, instantly permitting Oxtail to seek out a first aid when it seems he suffered an allergic reaction and speaking politely to those around him. He was also evidently a affectionate father, given how close he is to Xifeng, as well as a loving husband who remembers his wife fondly.