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Hot Ice is the 2nd episode of Season 2 of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?


Carmen's mysterious break-in at Acme headquarters leads Zack and Ivy on their strangest case ever. From a stolen pile of coal in Kentucky, they race to the heart of a volcano in Bali, only to discover Carmen making the world's largest diamond. But why?


Carmen Sandiego walks into ACME headquarters. Using her keycard, she is able to get security system to recognize her after 10 long years. Entering the control room, she types on a keyboard while Chief sees and recognizes her. Excited, he seemingly welcomes her home.

Zack and Ivy are installing upgrades on an aircraft carrier in the South Pacific. They get an alarm about someone in the headquarters and return. They see Carmen and thought they could corner her but she escapes via a C5 corridor.

Zack spends several hours checking the computer systems of ACME, and find some clues in them. Finding clues, they get a Crime Net report that Carmen had broken an operative named Dee Tritus out of prison. Knowing the clues, they use a C5 to a coal mine in Kentucky, where they head into the mines. They see Carmen dig a bunch of coal out of the mines and escape using a helicopter morphed out of the crap. As a result, multuiple hencmen chase them into the mines where, they are trapped by the pair of detectives; state police arrive and haul them to jail.

Looking at the clues, they venture to Bali, where they witness Carmen put the coal in the lava of a volcano; the coal turns into a big diamond. Carmen leaves again. The pair sit down and eat while looking at clues. The pair conclude that the diamond will be used in a scheme that will drastically increase the processing power of any computer processor, something that they had stolen earlier from ACME. They take another C5 corridor back to ACME, just as Carmen activates her scheme. The pair get stuck in an information junction, bu t manage to get out of it into the proper portal and enter headquarters. There, they barely catch Dee Tritus but Carmen escape, leaving behind a clown nose. The pair again jumps through a portal to a carnival, where Carmen has gotten into a clown costume. Carmen suits up and goes on the run.


  • Indonesia Funeral tradition
  • CrimeNet notices
  • clown nose




  • What U.S. state produces tons of coal and has the nickname "The Bluegrass State?"
    • The Blue grass state is Kentucky.
  • What is found in an area of the world known as the Ring of Fire?
  • "The Ring of Fire" is an are in the Pacific Ocean where you'll find over 600 active volcanoes.


  • This is the first time Carmen visits Indonesia. The second time is in The Sticky Rice Caper in the 2019 Netflix series.



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