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General Mayhem

After General Mayham was thrown out of the Boy Scouts for stealing merit badges, Mayhem formed his own militia and promoted himself to General. General Mayhem brags that he's the greatest military mind in history, and wants to alter history to make that true. 

Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time[]

At the start of the game, Carmen sends the general to 1086 to steal the Domesday Book from William the Conqueror. With help from Good Guide Polly Tix, the player caught General Mayhem hiding behind the Bayeux Tapestry and took him to ACME jail.

After Carmen used the Chronoskimmer to break him out, the general went to July 4, 1776, and stole the Declaration of Independence. However, the player and Polly Tix helped Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin redraft it for signing. Afterwords, they found General Mayhem in the dumbwaiter at Jefferson's home in Virginia and rejailed him.


  • "I'll just have to plot a whole new campaign while stationed in the slammer!"
  • "You can court martial me! But you'll never put Carmen Sandiego on trial!"