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Follow My Footprints is the 8th episode of Season 3 of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? It was broadcast by Fox Family Worldwide on October 21, 1995.


Carmen Sandiego dies! The Chief goes into a series of mourning, during which Zack and Ivy must crack "Carmen's final clues". The case will determine, who of all her henchman, will now fund V.I.L.E.


At nighttime in Patan, Nepal, Carmen walks into a temple, and gets an item that is used in her device that helps her steal something. She gets into her aircraft, and is followed by multiple military aircraft. They give chase, but are forced to pull back because of avalanches in the mountain passes they go through; however, they see apparently Carmen's plane crash. She is presumed decreased.

Over at ACME headquarters, the Chief is despondent that Carmen has died. He sulks. When Ivy and Zack close out her file, it triggers a hidden subroutine; Carmen had progrmamed the computer to play a per-recorded message and prints out 3 clues.

In Siberia, on a train dedicated by ACME agents, multiple agents such as Sarah Bellum, are there on a conference table when Lee Galese appears video and reads the will of Carmen Sandiego; he disappears when finishes reading the will. Sarah Bellum walks up to it and tells everyone that who ever solves the crimes will inherit VILE, something everyone wants to be a participant. The first clue was "I'll leave you footprints near the Leaky mountain", but had made some connection to Able L Body. They thought it was volcanoes but actually related to Richard and Mary Leaky and their discovery of the oldest footprints of humanity.

Ivy and Zack try to ask Chief to help but he is still despondent and had pre recorded his messages, even pre-programming the C5 corridor to send them to their destination to Laetoli, Tanzania. There they see the henchman Archie Aulogy digging through a dig site. Ivy deflates a tire on his bike, and confronts him; he tries to escape but the flat tire made it impossible. A lion appears but leaves.

Another A.C.M.E. detective Armati calls them to come to Milan Italy as it relates to the painting of the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. Ivy and Zack arrive at the Santa Maria Delle Grazie Monastery Refectory; there was a tour at the moment when they appear. Ivy and Zack are hiding behind some items hearing Lars Vegas and Moe Skeeter want to steal the painting. of the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. The pair fall and get up from the ground while the bag hangs from a metal pole sticking out of the building; the pair are arrested by police.

The two look at the clues, including the phrase "Quite a Feat to turn the tide". Clues tell them that it may be related to the feet that created the footprints on the moon. Michelle, an ACME detective, calls them and said there is activity on the moon. She uses the C5 to transport them tot he Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the USA.

The pair get into astronaut suits with Michelle telling them information discussing how to get to the moon with the C5 corridor. Th Chief tells them its possible and they program it to do so with a 60-second timer. On the moon, they see Sara Bellum stealing the name plate commemorating the moon landings, and stealing a particular footprint. The pair manage to catch her in time and send her back via a C5 corridor. The pair come back to ACME headquarter while still in gear.

soon, they go ot the Himalayas and put a rose where they think Carmen died. A bird comes and gives a note to look up. They see Carmen, who had not died. She tells them that they passed the test and could be worthy successors to VILE.

Items targeted[]

  • footprints found by Richard and Mary Leakey. in Tanzania
  • Fresco of The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci (attempted theft)
  • Nameplate for Apollo moon landings
  • Footprint of astronauts


  • I'll leave you footprints near the Leaky mountain
  • The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci
  • Quite a Feat to turn the tide


  • Patan, Nepal
  • A.C.M.E. Headquarters
  • Siberia, Russia
  • Laetoli, Tanzania
  • Milan, Italy
  • Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA
  • Moon



  • Can you name the paleontologist who unearthed the oldest human footprint on Earth?
    • Mary Leakey unearthed a four-million-year-old human footprint.
  • What is a fresco?
    • Don't try this at home kids, but a FRESCO is a style of art where the picture is painted directly on the wall



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