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Flytrap is a V.I.L.E. operative in Season 3 of Carmen Sandiego. As per her codename, her primary weapon is a pair of bolas that she uses to ensnare opponents.


Flytrap and her fellow graduate Spinkick were sent to Buenos Aires, Argentina to take down Carmen Sandiego, however, when in combat with her and Shadowsan, the two were overpowered and left tied to a flagpole by Flytrap's bolas.

The two had left a tracking device on Carmen, which Shadowsan discovered, he then used it to take the two off her trail, flying with it to Africa while Carmen went to Veracruz.

In The Day of the Dead Caper, the two were again deceived by Shadowsan, who had planted the tracer onto a scarecrow he had dressed up to look like Carmen. The two reported in to the Faculty, only to be shocked at them in their Halloween costumes.

She and Spinkick were later on board a plane meant to transport a captured Carmen and new recruit Sonia to V.I.L.E., however, Sonia freed Carmen and the two managed to escape the plane, with Flytrap being pinned under a large box Carmen freed with one of her dropped bolas.

Skills & Abilities[]

True to her name, Flytrap mainly relies on an assortment of spiked bolas to trap her opponents, to which she is shown to be highly skilled at using.

Her main method of attack, however, seems to be strictly ranged, using her bolas to keep targets in place so Spinkick can finish them off.