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The Eye Of Vishnu is an ancient relic that was seen in both Becoming Carmen Sandiego Part I and II. Originally found in Morocco, it was sought after by VILE academy most likely due to the value.


Although it isn't mentioned much, not much of it's history is known. Though, it was originaly found in Morocco while the V.I.L.E. Academy Thieves were arriving to steal it in order to most likely export it. Carmen asked the Morocco archaeologist if it was safe for it and she was worried about it getting stolen. The Morocco archaeologist said in the dig site that they look for artifacts linked to their past.


The Eye Of Vishnu looks like an ordinary gem that is in the shape of an an eye with an icy blue color, and a shine to the front. In Becoming Carmen Sandiego Part I, it was darker than the original and said to be as large as Player's head.

Eye of Vishnu 2
Eye of Vishnu