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Elephant Guy is a man who appears on the Chronoskimmer's screen. He is entirely in black and white and is constantly being chased by a rogue elephant. He only appears in certain episodes of Season 1 of Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?.

Known Appearances[]

  • Episode 2: Ran through England in 1920 (shortly after World War I; when Agatha Christie published her first mystery novel)
  • Episode 3: Ran through 1909 (the same year the NAACP was founded; when Honus Wagner had a dispute with a tobacco company)
  • Episode 30: Ran through 1868 (during the Andrew Johnson administration; when Navajo children were sent to boarding schools)
  • Episode 32: Ran through New York City in 1965 (when Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Leroy Jones founded the Black Arts Repertory Theater)
  • Episode 34: Ran through 1956 (when the Federal Aid Highway Act was signed)
  • Episode 38: Ran through 1981 (when aspartame, or NutraSweet, was FDA-approved)
  • Episode 48: Ran through the United States in 1990 (when George H. W. Bush broke his "no new taxes" pledge)