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"My expertise is navigating small spaces. Jean-Paul here might like the high ground, but I like the low."
―El Topo's introduction to his roommates

Antonio is an operative of V.I.L.E. and one of Carmen's ex-classmates at V.I.L.E. Academy. His chosen codename is El Topo


El Topo is a short man with broad features and spiked-up silver hair that has shaved sides. He is top-heavy, with a broad chest, and wears a black and violet stealth suit with claw-like gloves.


When El Topo met Black Sheep, he seemed like a calm, carefree person. As Antonio, he was kindhearted, intellectual, and willing to play along with a joke or prank. However, he has been shown to possess a merciless side, as he was willing to leave no witnesses during his graduation heist.

He has shown hesitation in bringing harm to his allies, though, particularly Carmen and Le Chèvre. In the Boston Tea Party Caper, he silently apologized to Carmen when he was ordered by Le Chèvre to toss her overboard. In The Hot Rocks of Rio Caper, Part 2, he was hesitant to tie up Le Chèvre when ordered to by Shadowsan. Additionally, El Topo stepped forward to defend Black Sheep after pulling the water balloon prank on Cookie Booker, much to Le Chèvre's surprise.

By the time he graduated, he was more distant, becoming passive to Black Sheep rather than friendly.

As a thief, El Topo prefers taking "the low ground"; he specializes in underground operations, and in contrast to Le Chèvre, gets nervous when confronted with heights.

In the To Steal or Not To Steal interactive special, El Topo states that he is excited to be working with Carmen on their caper. When Carmen asks him if he's a VILE hater, El Topo clarifies that he doesn't have any personal animosity towards Carmen; he simply views himself and others as mere pawns in a bigger game. Although he initially seems lackadaisical, when chastised by Carmen for being late, El Topo explains that he was taking the time to map out potential underground escape routes, one of which helps Carmen narrowly escape ACME if she chooses to break in and grab the T. rex bone she's after.

His close relationship with Le Chèvre is explored in the fourth season; the two are seen goofing around and taking selfies. During the finale, El Topo is ultimately shown starting a food truck with Le Chèvre, putting his former life as a V.I.L.E. operative behind and enjoying a calm civilian life making and selling tacos.










  • His name, in fitting with his tools, is Spanish for "The Mole". He wears mole-like robotic claws and can travel underground because of them.
    • "Topo" is also a synonym for the word "Spy" in Spanish.
    • He may have gotten the idea for his code name from Professor Maelstrom, who refers to him as a 'little mole.'
  • Throughout the series, El Topo almost exclusively goes on missions with Le Chèvre and prioritizes his partner's safety over completing their objectives; for example, dropping everything when Zack tells him that Le Chèvre was attacked by dingos in "The Opera in the Outback Caper". The only time El Topo is seen without Le Chèvre is in To Steal or Not to Steal; Dr. Bellum offers Carmen a choice of El Topo or Le Chèvre as a heist partner when she sends Carmen to Hell Creek, Montana. In Who in the World is Carmen Sandiego?,, he and Le Chèvre are described as inseparable, as they are rarely ever seen without each other.
  • He and Le Chèvre are dating, as confirmed in an Instagram Live interview with Duane Capizzi.
  • During the origami lessons, he attempted to fold a paper mole but crumpled it up in frustration.
  • He is seemingly favored by Professor Maelstrom in the first novel, as he is chosen to be a volunteer in his class repeatedly.