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Dr Depth

Dr. Depth is a deep sea criminal and the most wanted criminal underwater. Most of the time, he loves playing in the sea but he hates dry land or air.

In Carmen Sandiego Math Detective, Depth is revamped to instead own a mine in Andamooka, Australia that ships jewels to Carmen.

Physical description[]

He appears to be of Asian descent, though his appearance is filtered due to the dome of his suit, which appears diver-like so he can live underwater.

In Math Detective, his design is drastically changed to a bald, middle-aged Caucasian man who wears a military uniform and possesses a magnifying eyeloupe implanted in his right eye to make up for his terrible eyesight. This design would be reused when Depth would be featured again in Carmen Sandiego's ThinkQuick Challenge as one of Carmen's six Master Thieves.


  • His surname, depth, means the deepest part of the sea, befitting his nautical theme.