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Dr. Belljar is one of Carmen's henchmen in "Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego?". He is a cyborg-mad scientist.


TV Show[]

Season 1[]

In the 1st season, Dr. Belljar wore glasses, with his bionic parts merely on his hands, and crazy hair and greenish skin.

Season 2[]

In the 2nd season, Belljar was made in a shade of blue, with a bionic left eye and tubes down his back and less hair than before.

Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time[]

In the game, Dr. Belljar reverted to his original appearance from the 1st season.


TV show[]

Season 1[]

Dr. Belljar makes numerous appearances in the 1st season, most notably are when Carmen sends him to steal the John Bull locomotive, the Jacquard Loom, and the Telegraph.

Season 2[]

Dr. Belljar makes a number of thefts in the second season as well, such as the U.S. Patent Office, Galen's Roman gladiators, and the first subway.

Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time[]

When Carmen first sends Belljar back in time, he goes to ancient Rome to steal the Roman Forum and wrecks the plumbing system. The player follows him there with good-guide, Ivan Idea. He's found and caught from behind a pillar. When Carmen breaks him out, he goes to 1492 and steals Columbus' charts, leaving him stranded in North America. With help from Rock Solid, the player charts across the Atlantic and rescues Columbus. Afterwords, Belljar is caught behind a new-world map and taken back to ACME jail.


  • "You've pulled the plug on my prank, but Carmen won't leave me short-circuited for long! Ha Ha Ha!"
  • "Ugh! Well, you've taken the wind out of this doctor's sail. But I doubt if you'll put Carmen in jail!"
  • "Catch me if you c-c-can, Time Pilots!" (Attacking the Chronoskimmer in Season 1)
  • "You'll never catch the bri-bri-bri-brilliant Belljar!" (Escaping into the Trail of Time in Season 1)
  • "Sorry, my PIN number didn't work!" (Attacking the Chronoskimmer in Season 2)
  • "The doctor is in, Time Pilots!"
  • "You've still got one appointment left with the doctor!" (Escaping into the Trail of Time in Season 2)