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Dinosaur Delirium is the 3rd episode of Season 1 of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?


Carmen steals four military helicopters and to India, Washington D.C., Indonesia. The two heroes must pursue to stop the creation of - dinosaurs!?


Carmen Sandiego is driving a car through some woods, over land where dinosaurs had previously roamed. She approaches a security station, where she gets out, prods her car so it gets a flat tire. The guards help her fix the wheel. This is enough to distract them from their posts. Carmen's henchmen come in, enter through the gate, and steal helicopters. The guards, meanwhile fix the tire, and then see the helicopters being flown out. Carmen drives away.

At ACME headquarters in San Francisco, Ivy is practicing martial arts. She and Zack are briefed by the Chief and are sent to Agra, India where an ACME operative is already in place. They meetup at the Taj Mahal. When they enter, they reach the roof and witness the helicopters lift and take away the roof.

They try to follow but fall down to the Ganges River, depsite the henchmen wanting to give a clue. They fall into a boat filled with spices and come to shore. A small box with a parachute was flown down to land, and picked up by a merchant. Zack negotiates and gets the box. The message in the box was “follow Hilary to the Hills”. Their first thought was Edmund Hillary's ascent to the summit This was determined to be Hillary Clinton to Capitol Hill. They realize that Carmen Desires to recreate a dinosaur and that research into the revival of one was recently displayed at the Smithsonian Museum.

Then the Chief sends the pair via C5 corridor to Washington D.C. Directly into the Smithsonian Museum. There they encounter Carmen in the Smithsonian and are taken captive by her henchmen, and locked in a storage room. Zack and Ivy escape through an opening to the outside by breaking down its bars. The next morning, Zack and Ivy are sitting on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial discussing things. They use the C5 corridor to travel to the Komodo Island in Indonesia, where they see Carmen had set up a base. There she asks a scientist to trty and grow a bigger dinosaur than the skeleton she has in the base.

The pair release a pair of Komodo dragons, and steal floppy disks while the guards are distracted. Jumping on a hovercraft, they try to escape with the plans, but fail as the henchman use their own and launch nets. Claiming she is victorious, Carmen asks for the data back, but Zack feels confident.

Soon, 3 helicopters approach and announce she is under arrest. Carmen gets onto her own little escape pod and escapes. It turns into a mini rocket. Carmen Sandiego has e escaped!

Ivy and Zack discuss and are glad the items have been recovered and that they will eventually catch her. In an ending credit scene, Carmen tells Player “You'll never know unless you try. Catch You Next Crime”.

Stolen Items[]

  • 4 stolen helicopters
  • Dome of the Taj Mahal
  • Research from the Smithsonian


  • Hilary to the Hills
  • Locations


End Goal[]

  • To recreate an extinct dinosaur.


  • Can you name a river thousands of Indian people bath in and believe to be sacred??
    • The Ganges River
  • If you went shopping in India, name three thingsthat maight be on your shoppping list.
    • Dhurrie Rug, A Silk Scarf, and the Spice Coriander


  • Mt Everest was mentioned to be 29,024 feet


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