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Deja Vu is the 6th episode of Season 2 of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?


Zack thinks an old detective is too over the hill to help them on a case.


It is winter time at the Annual Fur Rendezvous in Anchorage Alaska. Carmen Sandiego enters a museum and sets a device. A security guard doesn’t know, and then helps her point to the kayak display. The ivory display was stolen.

The pair and the Chief are at ACME headquarters and cross reference the ivoryu spear with the 3 items as clues. Those include gold from Fort Knox, blue diamond, anti crime sticky foam. Those three items that Carmen used to stop others; Carmen had done caught the evil doers with a detcetive Suhara.

They visit Suhara in San Fransisco. At his place, Suhara gives them tea. Ivy notices a picture of Suhara and Carmen; he tells them about a case where they in a castle in Barcelona and had cracked a case there. Henchmen steal something and are chased by Ivy and Zack; both catch them. They wer etold to give them a newspaper The Tokyo Sun. At the wharf, Suhara comes and tells them that an item they have is not Native American but Japanese, something stolen from downtown Tokyo. They take a flight to Japan. On the flight, Zack is impatient and uses the C5 corridor to the Sumo wrestling stadium in Japan.

Zack lands in the ring and surprisingly wins the match.; Ivy and Suhara tells them that I am Sumo realize itmust be at the National Bunraku Theatre. Suhara confronts Carmen in the rafts but falls on a wooden box. Suhara says they need tea now.

At a building, they are at a tea ceremony. It lasted 4 hours and Zack is won over. Carmen had sent a clue to there, as Suara and Carmen had been there before. They decided to go to try the C5 corridor and go to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

At a building, Carmen tries to steal an old canteen that was once recovered together by Carmen and Suhara. Ivy and Zack attempt to arrest Carmen but Carmen throws the artifact, fo rcing them to catch it. She sprays a sticky fluid that glues them to the wall. Zack grabs a bow and arrow, and they shoot Carmen’s device down and escape via a de-glue device used by Suhara. Carmen drops the items, but gets away. In the end Suhara laments that he is to blame for teaching her to remember. Ivy asks how did he know wh at to do; Suhara said when e was told about something things back in his place, he remembered it was the only thing that did not fit the pattern.



  • What Asian discipline encourages people to slow down and become one with all that surrounds them?
    • Zen Training encourages people to slow down and become one with all that surrounds them.
  • What is a NETSUKE?
    • A NETSUKE is small hand carved icon used to fasten Japanese money pouch or other small container to a kimono sash.



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