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Dash Haber is the executive courier of Countess Cleo, in Carmen Sandiego. He's also considered to be that of an assistant by his employer.


Haber is a tall man with medium-long dark gray hair, a black bowling hat, and a navy blue trench coat over a blue sweater.


Dash has been shown to naturally have kind of a standoffish and snobby demeanor. However, he is capable of friendliness if not just moderate politeness during certain interactions (as shown in "The Duke of Vermeer Caper" episode when he laughed at something Zack said before Zack had went into character).

It can be assumed based on his appearance, attitude, and affiliations (Countess Cleo being his employer) that he is a considerably vain and prideful person. However considering his comment on the painting "Woman in Blue Reading a Letter" when he was picking it up, calling it "The Woman in Blah", it seems that he does not necessarily yet have a refined taste.

Despite his perceived elegance, he does not seem to be outstandingly intelligent. This is shown when he believed (though with initial skepticism) that Zack's character "The Duke" was from an imaginary place in Boston called Vermeer.

He also acted with noticeable cowardice when he perceived Zack's hand motion as a death threat. This makes sense though, considering his apparent lack of V.I.L.E training or any kind of weapons to protect himself.

His emotional control also leaves something to be desired. We see this especially at Countess Cleo's dinner in "The Duke of Vermeer Caper", when Dash demonstrated his deep need for Cleo's approval. He also presented how childish he can be when he was rejected and mocked by both Cleo and Zack, and ended up muttering under his breath about "duke schmuke" and spent the rest of the night pointing out all of Zack's flaws and insulting him to get revenge.

As of the Fashionista Caper, Dash Haber took on the role of a field agent. Actively using fashion-based technology to combat Carmen and carry out the plans of Cookie Booker.


In "the Duke of Vermeer Caper", his hat has a built-in scanner eyepiece, which also functions as a communicator to contact Countess Cleo.

In "the Fashionista Caper", his hat now possesses a retractable buzzsaw rim, which he calls the "Buzz Cut", capable of cutting through most materials. He can recall the hat back to him using magnetic pulse devices built into the palms of his gloves.

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  • His jealous attitude towards Zack after he starts charming Countess Cleo suggests that he might have feelings for her.
  • His name is a play on the word "Haberdasher", a dealer who works with men's clothing and accessories.