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Cupid Sandiego is the 7th episode of Season 4 of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?


Acme's intrepid new techno wiz, JOSHA, has a crush on Ivy. He keeps trying to ask her out during the strange twists and turns of the latest Carmen case.


A.C.M.E. has arrived in the Seychelles Islands for some much needed vacation. Ivy and Zack are enjoying their vacation with other agents such as Tatiana and Josha. Zack is sitting with Josha on the beach, and getches a hot dog from a machine created by Josha. Josh uses his binoculars to observe Ivy paragliding and land into the ocean. Josha is interested Ivy wit a relationship.

Meanwhile, V.I.L.E. is in the area and has scouted out Josha and his machine. Henchmen Lars Vegas and Moe Skeeter serve as lookout for Carmen; She is on a boat with binoculars watching Zack Josh, and a new machine titled the Sandhog; it can track anyone around the world using DNA.\

Lars gets two drinks from the tiki bar and walk over to Josh and Zack. He spills the drinks over them, and tries to steal the Sandhog. It sprays water over him, forcing him to leave. Mo Skeeter resurfaces and boards Carmen's boat, followed by the Sandhog in amphibious mode. Carmen uses some advanced techhology to steal it and leave.

Back on the beach, Ivy, Josha, and Zack tell Chief that the sandhog was stolen. Carmen had left a clue in a bottle. Upon examination, the cork had a phrase form a book written by Jonathan Swift. Putting two and two together, the group decode it to be some place in Cork, Ireland. T hey take a C5 corridor to Cork Ireland. In Cook, Ireland, the A.C.M.E. detectives arrive at Blarney Castle, where they whiteness tourists want to lining up to kiss a specific portion of the wall for good fortune. The person at the wall was carmen and she had used powertools to steal an item; she drops it down the castle walls and it lands onto a horse-drawn cart full of hay. Carmen jumps down into the cart and it moves away with Mo Skeeto and Lars holding the leash.

Ivy, Zack, and Josha use the A.C.M.E. car to follow them. However, the are not able to follow due to beat bogs and fall through a clearing; unfortunately, it falls wi th the transmission shifter in reverse. This leads the car to get stuck in a peat bog; At the same time, the computer is tracking Carmen, and launches at net that blocks off the road in front of Carmen. Josha uses hooks to launch the car out of the peat bog. They try to follow it to escape. They try to follow but lose track. Carmen drives the horse over them via c small cliff and drops the rock and hay into the A.C.M.E. car.

The A.C.M.E. agents put the stone back into the spot in Blarney Castle. While the are there, Josha tries to make a move, but only the guard working at hears him. Ivy had gotten word from a guard that he had overheard Mo telling Lars about being at a place; going over the clues, they realize it was a reference to the arch referenced I by Romeo and Juliet play by William Shakespeare in Verona Italy. The trio use the car to travel via the C5 corridor to Verona Italy.

In Verona Italy, The trio arrive to see Carmen Sandiego using an aircraft to steal the balcony that was made famous by the Romeo and Juliet play. They use rope to get to the balcony but are immediately confronted by henchmen. Carmen escapes on a rope to their aircraft and leaves; Ivy nearly falls off the balcony but is saved by Zack and take the two henchmen into custody for the police. Josha climbs it, hoping to rescue Ivy, and tells her she liked her. Ivy was somewhat impressed; and pushes Josha down into the car while she uses a branch to drop down to the ground.

The trio look at all the evidence. They receive a hot tip from Crime Net that Lars and Mo had stolen windmills from a Mancha, Spain. They quickly realize that the places and item stolen wasn't really aimed at romantic stuff: it was to distract Josha so that he can be focused on liking of Ivy. It was a successful diversion so that Carmen can enter the laboratory in the Seychelles; In addition, Josha was spied on by Carmen so they have a recording of his voice.

The trio use a C5 corridor to go back to the same island on the Seychelles and drive toward the laboratory nearby. Carmen and two henchmen walk out of the laboratory with the Sandhog and content; all three V.I.L.E. get on mini helicopters and try to fly away. Ivy tries to chase them but trips over a rock and saved from falling over a cliff by a harness used by the Sandhog. Josh uses the harness to throw two rocks to bring down the 2 henchmen.

Carmen escapes onto the next adventure!

Stolen Items[]

  • Sandhog
  • Stone
  • the balcony at the Via Cappello; the ascribed to Romeo & Juliet


  • Quote from a book written by Jonathan Swift
  • Cork of a bottle.
  • Phrase said by Mo; the balcony at the Via Cappello


  • Beach in the Seychelles
  • Cork, Ireland.
  • United Kingdom (mentioned)
  • Papal Palace, Vatican City (mentioned)
  • Buckingham Palace, London (mentioned)
  • Hampton Roads, Virginia
  • Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (mentioned)
  • Verona, Italy
  • LA Mancha, Spain.
  • Laboratory in the Seychelles.



  • This episode makes a re-appearance of Lars Vegas
  • This episode makes the 3rd appearance of Tatiana
  • Briefly, Pople John Paul II is shown.
  • The Italian Lira was mentioned once. It now has been replaced by the Euro.


  • Carmen stole something while I am on vacation?
  • I wanted to ask you out Ivy.


  • English playwright based his play, “Romeo and Juliet,” on two families from what city?
    • Shakespeare's play “romeo and Juliet” concerned two two feuding families from Verona, Italy.
  • Which Anglo-Irish author is known for writing the satiriical novel Gulliver's Travels?
    • Jonathan Sigler wrote the novel Gulliver's Travels in 1726.



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