Carmen Sandiego Wiki

The Crackle Rod was first created by Saira Bellum to scramble all technology within its range. Crackle was known to have shown a great interest in it when it was first introduced to Carmen's class. The Crackle Rod is only activated by fingerprint recognition. The only known people to have access to the Crackle Rod through fingerprint recognition are Crackle and V.I.L.E Guard Personal. Dr. Bellum and after being converted, Carmen was eventually given permission to use the rod during her fight with Gray, the latter of which once admitted he used his skills as an electrician to surpass its stun mode.


  • Saira Bellum (Creator)
  • Graham Calloway/Crackle
  • Carmen Sandiego (Brainwashed)


  • The settings on the rod range from "making someone take a nap" to "knocking out their lights, permanently".
  • Carmen gained access to it after she was brainwashed
  • The only operative to use it was Graham Calloway when on missions prior to his defection from V.I.L.E.