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Age of Discovery is the tenth case in the adventure game Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time.



"You're speeding toward the coast of Spain in 1493, where an Atlantic Ocean traveler is lost at sea. The folks who financed his trip are mucho worried, so you'd better try to find out what's causing the delay!

Charting unknown waters is Rock Solid's specialty, so he'll come along as your Good Guide. Good luck, Detective. I sure hope you don't get seasick." -- The Chief


  • Navigate the Atlantic Ocean and reach the West Indies
  • Bring Columbus back to Spain


  • Ocean Chart

Carmen Notes[]

When the crime is done, use all your smarts, to sneak inside the Room of Charts.
Finding you will be a snap - if you bring a different map
The only chart with the New World’s face, should be your crafty hiding place!

Scrap Locations[]

  • In a bottle in the Atlantic Ocean
  • In Columbus’ chest
  • On the wall near Isabella’s desk

Thief's Location[]

  • Behind the map with the American continents


“Hah! We’ve put the lid back on Dr. Belljar! And this time our case is airtight.” -- Rock Solid

"Ugh! Well, you've taken the wind out of this doctor's sail. But I doubt if you'll put Carmen in jail!” -- Dr. Belljar

"Congratulations! You charted your way across the Atlantic, rescued Christopher Columbus, and put Dr. Belljar back in the can!

Now regular travel between Europe and the Americas can start. The biggest population shift in the history of the planet will happen, thanks to your sailing skills.

You're doing great work! And we need you to keep it up. Another crime has struck another time. Can you take the case?" -- The Chief