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"Now hear the true name of V.I.L.E.: Villains International League of Evil"
―Coach Brunt in Becoming Carmen Sandiego: Part 2

Teaching at V.I.L.E Academy[]

Originally a Professor at V.I.L.E Academy, Coach Brunt also acted as one of the five members of The Faculty, the group who oversaw their recruits and operatives over many years, Brunt taught her class the ways of combat with her number one rule being to protect their faces, despite her harsh ways, she also took on the role as a mother figure and defended the operatives whom she deemed family.

After a young infant was brought back to the Isle of V.I.L.E after Shadowsan had apparently killed Dexter Wolfe, Brunt continued to keep up her motherly act and was later the first and only member to be supportive at the idea of raising the young girl to be a thief until the others, minus Shadowsan, agreed with the idea, because of Brunt's influence on the young orphan who would eventually become Carmen Sandiego, the latter was raised to believe she was found on the side of a road in Argentina by Brunt.

On the day that Carmen, then Black Sheep, asked for a chance to enroll at the Academy, only Brunt became the most supportive over the idea despite Carmen's young age but after a vote was cast, Carmen was allowed to enroll and Brunt continued to protect her from whatever trouble she got into. After Carmen defected from V.I.L.E, Brunt declared that the former had betrayed her family but still attempted to spend every moment she could get with Carmen trying to get her return with each attempt leading her into having a bitter attitude with her once adoptive daughter.

Physical Appearance[]

Brunt is a large, middle-aged southern woman with a muscular build due to her occupation as a combat instructor, she has short hair that is dyed green and wears a black, green and grey tracksuit.


Brunt comes off as a caring woman who seemingly cares for her students and states that they are family but is in actuality is a brutal, direct woman who stops at nothing until her goal is complete and does not care if she has to physically harm someone to win. Despite her status as a member of the faculty, Brunt often struggled to understand what the others were talking about unless one of them made the situation easier for her to understand. [4] Because of how she sees her students as family, Brunt is emotionally attached to her ideology and believes bonds to be broken if any of them, such as Carmen, defected and left.

Raising Carmen[]

After Shadowsan returned to the Isle of V.I.LE with an infant Carmen Sandiego after seemingly killing Dexter Wolfe, Carmen's father, Coach Brunt became motherly towards the girl and agreed to raise her after noticing Carmen steal from Dr. Saira Bellum and named the infant Black Sheep as the latter had no actual named tied to her, when Carmen was slightly older, she requested an audience with The Faculty and asked to be enrolled within V.I.L.E Academy's program for thieves despite being younger than the average age for new recruits, The Faculty voted on the idea with Brunt being supportive and using the fact that Carmen had more training than their other operatives.

Brunt would also continue to act motherly towards Carmen and defended her from water balloon attacks that were done to Cookie Booker on the first of every December and was against taking her out of the program despite her behaviour. Once Carmen enrolled, Brunt gave an assembly to welcome the new recruits and explained the rules of the Academy and told them that V.I.L.E stood for "Valuable Imports, Lavish Exports".

On the night of more graduates graduating, Brunt came clean to them about the true intention of the Academy and explained that V.I.L.E stood for "Villains International League of Evil" rather than the name she originally told them, when Crackle, Tigress, El Topo and Le Chevre went on their first mission to Morocco, Carmen snuck aboard with them though Brunt only discovered the former was gone after checking her room. After Carmen was brought back to the Isle, Brunt began guilt tripping Carmen for her actions in order to make her be more compliant during her remedial year. When Carmen defected from the Isle, Brunt felt betrayed as she declared Carmen had abandoned the only family she had.

Later Years[]

When Professor Gunnar Maelstrom proposed to steal the Magna Carta, Brunt showed confusion on the matter but understood what her colleague was talking about when he compared it to the U.S Constitution. When Shadowsan suggested Tigress to go to San Francisco to take the stamp worth $10,000,000 from Mime Bomb, Brunt disapproved of the idea and believed Tigress was not the right operative due to the incident in Indonesia but allowed it after sending The Cleaners, after Tigress failed to returned with the stamp, Brunt bragged that she was right when The Cleaners retrieved the operative.

Brunt, along with Shadowsan, travelled to Poiters, France to confront Chase Devineaux after believing the latter was Carmen's partner, the two kidnapped the A.C.M.E agent and began interrogating him for information, when Chase refused to give out information, Brunt placed a device created to force the truth out of whoever it was placed on. After noticing Carmen, Shadowsan ordered Brunt to stay behind so he could follow after Carmen though Brunt refused and followed after, when Brunt lost sight of Shadowsan, she followed the figure who she believed was Carmen but discovered that it was Zack in disguise. After returning to Chase, Brunt discovered that he was being freed by Carmen, Chase escaped but Brunt continued to convince Carmen to return to V.I.L.E with her though Carmen refused and Brunt attempted to kill her with her brute strength though she was stopped once Shadowsan knocked her out using a nerve pinch technique, after waking up, she ordered The Cleaners to pick her up after noticing her two targets were gone.

Targeting Carmen[]

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As one of the five masterminds of V.I.L.E, Coach Brunt has near supreme authority over the organization. She has an abnormal amount of strength, able to lift up a fully grown man off the ground with one hand and crush and bend thick bars of steel with her bare hands.

Coach Brunt has an exceptional level of endurance, as she was affected very little when Carmen tried to shock her with a tazer.

Brunt is highly skilled in physical combat. She teaches self defense at V.I.L.E academy and was able to effortlessly defeat her former student, Carmen Sandiego, despite the latter being younger and in her prime and using several gadgets to fight her.

Brunt has surprisingly quick reflexes, despite her large size, catching a number of opponents off guard throughout the series.

While she may come off as dumb muscle, she's shown to be quite intelligent, such as knowing the U.S. Constitution. She shows it further by understanding Maelstrom's gambit in the season two finale by telling Carmen that Shadowsan killed her father on orders from V.I.L.E. in order to turn the two against each other, though she does admit to not liking such methods personally.

Relationships []

Family []

Allies []


Enemies []

  • Carmen Sandiego - Ex-Surrogate Daughter, Former Student, Attempted Victim and Former Colleague (via brainwashing)
  • Zack
  • Ivy
  • Shadowsan - Former Colleague and Attempted Victim


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