Carmen Sandiego Wiki

ClueFinders: Mystery Mansion Arcade. is a video game in the ClueFinders video game series. It features Carmen Sandiego as the villain.

Carmen Sandiego - ClueFinders

She is revealed to be the mastermind who united four of the ClueFinders villains against them at a Mysterious Mansion. For most of the game, she disguises her voice and appearance, and keeps her identity hidden.

Mystery Mansion Arcade - Carmen Sandiego

After the ClueFinders escape from their traps and find the Control Room, Carmen Sandiego sends the four villains into their own traps for their failures. The ClueFinders wonder who she is, since she is still disguised at this point. Santiago remarks that her voice seemed somewhat familiar. When she turns around, the ClueFinders all recognize her as Carmen Sandiego. She professes to be flattered that they recognize her, and then makes a quick escape. The ClueFinders wonder if her motive was to trap them, or trap the villains. Then they ask the familiar phrase, "Where in the world did she go?"