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This article is about the character from the 2019 animated series. You may be looking for the character from the video games.

Chase Devineaux is a brash, often bumbling detective who was originally assigned to apprehend Carmen Sandiego with his partner Julia Argent. On missions, Chase often carries a packet of mints around with him in his pockets. He eventually went from working with Interpol to working with A.C.M.E, after having temporary yet forced departure from the agency, he returned to Interpol but was soon eventually allowed back to A.C.M.E where he worked with Julia once again until the fall of V.I.L.E.


Chase Devineaux is a man in his late thirties. He has light brown hair that slightly sticks out to the side as well as matching brown eyes. He wears a light brown suit-jacket with a striped brown and red tie that goes over a plain white shirt. He also wears navy blue trousers with black shoes. He has a fair complexion and a shaven face.

After being rehired once more by A.C.M.E to continue his goal of capturing Carmen, Chase wore the standard agent uniform that consisted of a navy blue blazer with his jacket being buttoned up, a plain white shirt under with matching black shoes and a neatly tied tie.


Chase's constant need to capture Carmen Sandiego drove him to be arrogant and always focused solely on his own mission believing that thorough detective work and looking for useful clues were a waste of time. Due to his intent need of wanting to arrest Carmen, Chase often became arrogant and he could do the job on his own.

Much later and after many failed attempts at his goal, Chase starts to doubt himself and eventually promises himself to be nice to Agent Argent now seeing her as a talented agent of A.C.ME, he can also focus on a certain topic when on work though in a more obsessive nature than his colleagues.

Later on, Chase soon dropped his arrogant attitude and need to arrest Carmen after discovering that the latter was innocent and was not working with V.I.L.E as he was originally told once he was given evidence showing that he can appreciate when he is given hard evidence on a case.


At first, Chase, along with Julia Argent, whom had been working with the former for roughly two weeks, were agents of Interpol. Chase was a police detective and worked in the French branch in Poiters.

Devineaux seems to like or even prefer working alone but will take Argent under his wing to apprehend Carmen Sandiego. While explaining how his experience trumps Argent's smarts, Argent tries to tell Devineaux that Carmen is behind them.

Argent suggests radioing for backup, but Devineaux tells her not to, despite Carmen's nimble agility.

Devineaux gave reasonable chase toward the Crimson Shadow but he wasn't up to her skills. She promptly escapes on a hang glider, leaving Chase atop a roof while in awe of what he just witnessed. Distracted, he slips and falls off and onto the front of his car.

Without stopping even after injury eager to chase his quarry, Devineaux attempts to figure out where she may have flown too. Argent noting that Carmen Sandiego can't glide forever. This foresight from Argent triggers a thought within Devineaux, helping him conclude that Carmen Sandiego must be heading to the nearest train station to escape the scene. Chase springs into action and tells Argent to stay in Poitiers to investigate the crime scene while he drives to the train station suspecting Carmen was on her way to Paris via train with the Eye of Vishnu.

Along the way, Devineaux calls Julia Argent to enquire if a car, driving aggressively can catch a train. Julia laments that she is not sure, but informs him it might be possible depending on how many stops the train makes. Pleased with the reassurance from 'the smartest person he knows' he hangs up dramatically to continue the chase. Devineaux just misses the train, so he quickly continues his pursuit in his wrecked car in hopes to catch the train to Paris. Julia then calls Chase, much to his dismay, to inform him on the developments at the crime scene. Julia quickly explains that the entire crime scene was, in fact, full of stolen artifacts, money, bonds, and objects. Chase himself is shocked at the revelation that the owner of the house was not an actual victim of any crime, Julia in agreement, adds onto his statement by providing further information she found through fact-checking. Argent relates to Devineaux that the owner of the building is not a person, but an import-export company that all have ties to previous places Carmen Sandiego has robbed. Chase asks what she is attempting to get at and she explains her defining opinion that Carmen Sandiego steals only from thieves. Before anything can be further discussed, his car breaks down completely, diverting his attention and ruining the train of thought they both beginning to share.

Fortunately for him, there is a small airport nearby to which he commandeers a small aircraft with his Interpol authority. This allows him to catch up to the train.

By the time he reaches Paris, Carmen is not on the train car, but Crackle wrapped in Carmen's signature coat and hat, while Carmen in her street clothes (which includes a red hoodie) walks down the street to catch a speedboat on the River Seine.

While he didn't catch Carmen, he does take the mysterious V.I.L.E. villain back to Interpol for interrogation, but he doesn't get the chance to as The Cleaners extricate Crackle from the police station. Frustrated that a lead to catching Carmen Sandiego has disappeared before he could question him, Devineaux decides it's time to go home as he eats a roll of antacid mints.

Argent walks Devineaux back to what's left of his car, then attempts to return to the police station.

Just as Devineaux is about to go home, two unknown agents knock him out and drag him to an unknown location where he meets The Chief. The Chief debriefs Devineaux about V.I.L.E. and how clandestine they are, and to help him help her, she employs him to work for A.C.M.E. By the time she enrolls Devineaux, Argent discovers that he is being held in a utility closet. Impressed by her sleuth, the Chief enrolls Argent as Devineaux's partner.

While Argent proves an adept A.C.M.E. agent, Devineaux struggles in comparison, destroying two A.C.M.E. cars, having his lucky jacket mutilated by Tigress, and having his ID card stolen by first Carmen, then Paper Star. Because of miss direction and his constant appearance around Carmen, V.I.L.E. later assumes that Devineaux must be working with Carmen as a partner, even though he isn't, and captures him. In an ironic way, Chase is also the only detective to come as close to figuring out V.I.L.E than any other around him.

V.I.L.E takes him to a secret location and tries to interrogate him for information. At first, he plays the situation off and even plays along with Coach Brunt, pretending to not hear or understand what she is saying. Soon, it all comes to a head when he realizes he is actually in danger, and still does not spill any information despite asking if they might 'do this the easy way'. Coach Brunt compliments Chase by calling him handsome and attaches the Truth Extractor, fed up with his refusal to cooperate. When they do so, the detective sings the French national anthem to avoid providing important intel, but conclusively ends up doing so as an effect of the Truth Extractor. When asked by Coach Brunt, he unknowingly reveals he is, indeed, not Carmen's partner. Passing out following Carmen's rescue attempt, he is taken away in an ambulance for distortion and delirium, shortly after Carmen leaves under Shadowsan's wing.

In the first episode of the second season, he is shown in the hospital, accompanied by Julia trying to wake him up. He regains full consciousness after she leaves. An unknown A.C.M.E. agent and Chief ask him for a description of his captors. Chief explains how his 'fist-first' attitude is dangerous in the field and removes him from A.C.M.E indefinitely. He inquires after Agent Argent, wondering if she is to suffer the same fate. Chief informs Devineaux that Agent Argent will remain and that he is forbidden to contact her for her safety. Chief appears to offer some solace, saying that he needs some to recuperate but firmly sticks to her dismissal of Devinaux for the foreseeable future. This revelation that his time at A.C.M.E is over, shatters Devineaux, burying his face into his hands as he is left alone in his hospital room.

After being relieved of his duty as Agent, he finds himself back in Interpol as a file clerk. The man does his job as a clerk by approving and stamping documents. He is essentially faced with the demise of his career, being shoved to the back of a room filled with deteriorating older men wasting away at their desks. He does reject this, trying to reclaim what he once, stating he is 'a field agent' was but is forced into submission quickly. At first, he tries to acclimatize to the new regime but falls quickly into a depressive state, reminiscing back to the times of A.C.M.E by whispering into his ordinary pen to his new superiors confusion. Over the course of an indeterminate amount of time, he begins to collect papers, receipts, and invoices and such on V.I.L.E., hoping it would lead to a break in finding Carmen Sandiego.

When he collects all of the documents needed, he brainstorms on what they mean and where the criminal organization must be. Falling asleep while doing so, he meets Argent in a dream, following her advice to not see the big picture but the one thing that is not like the others. He figures out the location of V.I.L.E Island which is in the Canary Islands due to its lack of documented activity. He sets up an excuse at work with a quick phone call to his boss who is left unconvinced and hops on a speedboat to travel to the location, alone.

However, when he arrives, V.I.L.E. Academy is already destroyed, and with no fuel to return, he is stranded on the island. Chase is eventually rescued after a non-disclosed amount of time by a passing boat. A helicopter arrives to pick him up after copious amounts of smoke waft from the island as it burns, directing them to his location. After finally being saved, Chase's phone is now able to receive a signal. The only message that appears is one from his boss, informing him that he has been fired due to a prolonged absence, to his direct horror.

In the final moments of the second season, he is shaving his beard, utterly disheveled when Chief calls him to say he is being hired back to A.C.M.E. for the sake of capturing Carmen, now their Number one Priority.

After being hired back, the Chief had Chase take a defensive driving class, noting his previous mishaps with automobiles. Julia and Devineaux are reinstated as partners, although they do not seem as well-acquainted with each other as they were before, with Devineaux returning to his egotistical behavior towards her. In "The Day of the Dead Caper", Julia finally decides her heart is no longer in it to hunt down Carmen Sandiego, preferring to accept an offer to become a history teacher and put her second degree in the subject to use. After she leaves, Chase is partnered up with Agent Zari. After an encounter with Carmen in "The Masks of Venice Caper", it is from Julia’s statements and perception on Carmen that Chase begins to doubt his actions, along with starting to act like her in each situation. It is also noted that he begins to open up to Julia’s assumptions of Carmen, finally starting to see how the super-thief is not truly a villain.


In Other Languages[]

Language Name Voice Actor
Spanish Chase Devineaux - Rafael Pacheco
French Chase Devineaux - Gilduin Tissier
German Chase Devineaux - Tim Moeseritz
Finnish Chase Devineaux - Jaakko Ohtonen
Italian Chase Devineaux - Gabriele Sabatini
Dutch Chase Devineaux - Bas Keijzer
Polish Chase Devineaux - Modest Ruciński
Japanese チェイス・ドヴィノー

Cheisu Dōvinō



ボルケーノ太田 (Oota Boruken)






  • After the case in Italy has him confront Carmen with the stolen goods, Chase is surprised his long-time target simply leaves without her prize. This made him realize Julia was right about Carmen.
  • In the season 4 episode "The Egyptian Decryption Caper", Chase reveals that his name is actually a nickname that he gave himself. He explains that it is derived from the French word "chasser" which means "to hunt". Since both Julia and Chief call him Chase, it's highly likely he legally changed his name to befit his profession of "hunting" criminals.
  • He is the only male A.C.M.E. agent to have a name.
  • Despite others and himself saying he is better at “thinking with his fists than with his head,” Chase is notable in that he is the first character in the series without having a current or prior affiliation with V.I.L.E. to locate their academy, showing that while it is difficult, he can be highly perceptive and intelligent when he puts enough effort into it.


  1. duanecapizza "Okay, I want to know: what is the obsession with age among fans? In my mind: Chase - late 30's. Julia - mid-20s"