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Chase 2019

Chase Devineaux is an ACME special agent featured in later games and the Netflix revival of the Carmen Sandiego franchise.

Chase 2019

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Agent Devineaux has had several incarnations throughout the franchise's history. Originally, he was one of ACME's top agents and Carmen's former partner. However, after her departure from the agency, he also left in order to track her down himself. He eventually returned to ACME during the Babble-On crisis.

The Babble-On Machine

After the disappearance of Agent 12, Agent Devineaux called in Agent 13 to help stop Carmen's plot to steal the gift of natural language. While Agent 13 systematically took down Carmen's henchmen and freed the other ACME detectives, Agent Devineaux continued to gather intelligence and track Carmen. After the destruction of the Tower of Babble and Carmen's escape, Agent Devineaux attempted to give chase using a jet pack.[1]

The Quantum Crystallizer

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Netflix Revival

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The 2019 revival of Carmen Sandiego featured a completely new Agent Devineaux. This version was a French Interpol Inspector from Poitiers, France.[2] After coming face-to-face with the newly infamous Carmen Sandiego, he was quickly recruited to ACME along with his partner Julia Argent.[3]

In this incarnation, Agent Devineaux is headstrong, arrogant, and sloppy. Despite clear contradictory evidence, he often immediately blames Carmen for the latest crime he is investigating. Even joining A.C.M.E. didn't help him much catching Carmen. Despite this, she is quick to try and save him from Coach Brunt and Shadowsan after he is captured.[4]

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  • Agent Devineaux was originally designed by Joseph John Barney.[Citation needed]
  • In the video games, Agent Devineaux often fills the role normally covered by the Chief by providing Player with intelligence and support.
  • His original incarnation is accompanied by a falcon named Phoenix.[5]




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