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Chapter and Verse is the 9th episode Season 1 of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?


When Mark Twain's writing desk and Charles Dickens'ink well are stolen, the detectives track Carmen to Rudyard Kipling's India.


In Copenhagen, Denmark, the mermaid statue is observed by Zack and Ivy. Henchmen of Carmen make an attempt to steal it but are rebuffed by Ivy and Zack. Back in ACME headquarters in San Francisco, Ivy and Zack zoom in on the Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen. Meanwhile, the Chief had some trouble with his systems.

Back in San Francisco, they read news praising their work in preventing another theft by Carmen. They discuss, and it turns out things are related to literature. As a result, they head to London, England to the home of ‘’Oliver Twist’’ author Charles Dickens. There they see Carmen on a motorcycle, and they and a police officer take a carriage to chase after here. They arrive at Trafalgar Square, where Carmen steals the carriage and escapes.

They head to the Dickens House, the former house of Charles Dickens. They meet wi th the curator, and the two see a list of books, where they see a new book called the Biggest Mistake by Nom De Plume. Seeing this, they look at authors who look for authors who used different authors and they realize it was Mark Twain, the alter name for Samuel Clemens.

Zack and Ivy take a C5 corridor to the Mark Twain museum in Hannibal Missouri, where they land into a fence, damaging it. A costume coplayer comes and tells them that the town is ready to celebrate the life of Mark Twain. They put in a nail and paint, and act out their micheviousness with 3 kids watching, gouiding them into wanting to paint the fence. Zack and Ivy move on and witness a henchmen attempt to usurp the Mark Twain disguise during a Mark Twain celebration in the town. She is exposed and they give chase on a river boat. Zack and Ivy fail and are rescued by a boat captain.

Clues led to orphans by different authors and it leads to Heidi in Maeinfeld, Switzerland, where they are taken offline in a cabin in the Swiss Alps. It was a ruse so that Sara Bellum could hack into the ACME mainframe to download all information, explaining the issues Chief had for a while. Carmen puts Zack and Ivy in a cage and leaves on snowmobiles. The pair escapes the cage and Ivy uses a big horn to cause an avalanche that destroys the getaway aircraft and forces Carmen and Sara Bellum to double back and drop the disc. A rope is used to pull the disc back to ACME.

In the end, Carmen escapes and Zack and Ivy are glad that they got everything returned to ACME.



  • San Francisco, California
  • London, UK
  • Hannibal, Missouri
  • Maeinfeld, Switzerland


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