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This game is intended to teach language arts for kids age 9-12. The game features Chase Devineaux.

In the game, Carmen Sandiego has invented a machine called the Babble-On Machine, and the user, playing the role of Agent 13, has to thwart her plans and free all the other agents which have been captured by Carmen.

The game is very similar to Carmen Sandiego Math Detective.

12 Captured ACME agentsEdit

  • Ann Tickwittee
  • Ivan Idea
  • Rock Solid
  • Renee Santz
  • Polly Tix
  • Lawrence Benjamin (African-American ACME Agent)
  • Cal Cranna
  • Isabella Sutton (French ACME Agent)
  • Rob MacCaibe (Scottish ACME Agent)
  • Joann Stockdill (Australian ACME Agent)
  • Raj Mahal (Indian ACME Agent)
  • Lenora Butler

V.I.L.E. VillainsEdit

  • Dr. D. Ranged
  • Dr. Ima LeZard
  • Doug Grave
  • Electra Vector
  • Esther Odious
  • I. I. Captain
  • Ill Will
  • Mel Ancholy
  • Nick Furtive
  • Otto Readmore
  • Queen Notalotenkammen
  • Snarla Swing

V.I.L.E. Henchmens' hideoutsEdit

  • Dr. D. Ranged's Laboratory
  • Dr. Ima LeZard's Space Lab
  • Doug Grave's Graveyard
  • Electra Vector's Cave
  • Esther Odious' Estate
  • I. I. Captain's Ship
  • Ill Will's Playhouse
  • Mel Ancholy's Music Hall
  • Nick Furtive's Detective Office
  • Otto Readmore's Library
  • Queen Notalotenkammen's Crypt
  • Snarla Swing's Treehouse