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Carmen Sandiego Word Detective is a 1997 interactive language-arts learning game for children ages 9–12 in the Carmen Sandiego franchise. The plot of the game sees Carmen Sandiego inventing a machine called the Babble-On Machine, and the player, in the role of Agent 13, thwarting her plans by freeing all the other agents which have been captured by Carmen.


The intro to this "spy adventure" starts off with Agent 12 (Ann Tickwitee) discovering Carmen's hideout. Under the orders of ACME secret agent Chase Devineaux, she creeps inside only to find herself trapped and starting to babble. Carmen enters and explains that she has invented a "Babble On" machine that turns speech into gibberish. She reveals her grand plan to achieve world illiteracy. The player takes the role of Agent 13, who has just been called onto the case. Agent 13 must free all twelve captured agents in order to stop Carmen's plan. To free each agent, the player uses the CyberCom 2000 to travel between a number of henchmen hideouts to find passwords. The player uncovers these passwords by completing language problems (Spellanyzer, Fusion Chamber, MicroPix, Code Breaker, and Power Pack) testing the player's vocabulary, grammar, and spelling.

After finding enough passwords, the player can unlock a container in one of the hideouts to get a key. These keys are placed at the Tower of Babble to free agents. Throughout the game, each agent gives the player a fragment of Babble-On's password. After freeing all agents, the player is able to trigger a self-destruct sequence by entering the password fragments in a cohesive sentence. Carmen escapes the crumbling building and Chase finds her hat amongst the rubble, commenting "until we meet again Carmen".

The game comes with many bonus features, including three levels of difficulty, an electronic dictionary, 10,000 spelling words, customizable spelling lists, 50 spelling rules, and an on-screen progress reports. The School Edition of the game came with a three-ring binder to hold the software, a User's Guide, a custom-developed Teacher's Guide, and a resource book Spelling Puzzles from the Usborne English Skills series.



ACME Agents[]

  • Ann Tickwittee
  • Ivan Idea
  • Rock Solid
  • Renee Santz
  • Polly Tix
  • Joe King (African-American ACME Agent)
  • Helen Hywater (Texan ACME Agent)
  • Dinah Mite (French ACME Agent)
  • Jack Pott (Scottish ACME Agent)
  • Joann Stockdill (Asian ACME Agent)
  • Raj Mahal (Indian ACME Agent)
  • Jim Nasium (Mexican ACME Agent)

V.I.L.E. Villains[]


  • Snarla's Swing House, Tanzania
  • Otto Readmore’s Hideout, New York
  • Electra Vector’s Cave, Nevada
  • I. I. Captain’s Ship, Indian Ocean
  • Queen Notalotenkammen’s Crypt, Egypt
  • Dr. Ima LeZaarde’s Space Lab
  • Dr. D. Ranged’s Laboratory, Moldavia
  • Ill Will’s Playhouse, London
  • Esther Odious’ Estate, Monaco
  • Mel Ancholy’s Music Hall, Vienna
  • Doug Grave’s Graveyard, Hungary
  • Nick Furtive’s Detective Office, Chicago





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