Carmen Sandiego Word Detective is a 1997 interactive language-arts learning game for children ages 9–12 in the Carmen Sandiego franchise. The plot of the game sees Carmen Sandiego inventing a machine called the Babble-On Machine, and the player, in the role of Agent 13, thwarting her plans by freeing all the other agents which have been captured by Carmen.


ACME Detective Agency agents

  • Ann Tickwittee
  • Ivan Idea
  • Rock Solid
  • Renee Santz
  • Polly Tix
  • Lawrence Benjamin (African-American ACME Agent)
  • Cal Cranna
  • Isabella Sutton (French ACME Agent)
  • Rob MacCaibe (Scottish ACME Agent)
  • Joann Stockdill (Australian ACME Agent)
  • Raj Mahal (Indian ACME Agent)
  • Lenora Butler

V.I.L.E. Villains

  • Dr. D. Ranged
  • Dr. Ima LeZaarde
  • Doug Grave
  • Electra Vector
  • Esther Odious
  • I. I. Captain
  • Ill Will
  • Mel Ancholy
  • Nick Furtive
  • Otto Readmore
  • Queen Notalotenkammen
  • Snarla Swing



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