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Carmen Sandiego Adventures in Math: The Island of Diamond is the 5th game out of the 5th games on the packet, Carmen Sandiego Adventures in Math. It is based on Carmen stealing the diamonds from four countries, New York, London, Mumbai, and Moscow.


The Agent or you first appear in The Chief's office as he says to you about the case. Then you get to have a big phone which locates cites and differen things. You also get help from Ivan Idea for mathmetical games within the game. As you unlock stages and games you get near to capture Carmen Sandiego, but in the end she gets away.



  • London, U

    The place were the diamonds were hidden

    nited Kingdom
  • New York, USA
  • Mumbai, India
  • Moscow, Russia
  • San Benedicto Island/Unlockable when you find the cameras in the other four cities.