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Season 4 is the fourth and final season of Carmen Sandiego. It was announced on October 2, 2020, just after the debut of Season 3.[1] It was released on January 15, 2021[2] on Netflix.


In an effort to retain their wealth and regain The Faculty's trust, Roundabout plots a caper in Beijing to steal gold yet fails as Carmen Sandiego and her team are step ahead of their enemy. Now wanting their former operative gone, V.I.L.E continues many operations with the goal to secure any form of riches only to come out thwarted, from an attempt at smuggling gold covered in chocolate from Germany, Dr.Saira Bellum creating an army of robots designed to be more efficient than their human operatives to attempting to make Graham Calloway fully retrieve his memories of his time with V.I.L.E in his amnesic state.

Player becomes forced to attend a public school and struggles to fully give Carmen details about how capers until he is taken out of school by Zack and Ivy who lie about there being an infestation. Eventually, Carmen falls victims and is captured and brainwashing into allying herself with her enemy complete with a false backstory. After being freed, Carmen retains knowledge on the location of the second hideout and allows A.C.M.E to arrest V.I.L.E while she reunites with her mother after never being around her since she was an infant, as years pass, Zack and Ivy join A.C.M.E as the organisation pair up to chase down the former agents that attempted escape.

Episode list[]

No. Title Directed by Written by Runtime
1 The Beijing Bullion Caper Mike West Becky Tinker 25 minutes
2 The Big Bad Ivy Caper Jos Humphery Kathryn Lyn 25 minutes
3 The Robo Caper Mike West Carly Denure 25 minutes
4 The Himalayan Rescue Caper Jos Humphrey Greg Ernstrom 24 minutes
5 The V.I.L.E History Caper Mike West

Story by : Greg Ernstrom & Kathryn Lyn

Teleplay by : Greg Ernstrom

24 minutes
6 The Egyptian Decryption Caper Jos Humphrey Carly Denure, Nichole Belisle & Sharon Flynn 24 minutes
7 The Viennese Waltz Caper Mike West Sharon Flynn & Duane Capizzi 24 minutes
8 The Dark Red Caper Jos Humphrey Duane Capizzi 26 minutes