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Season 3 of Carmen Sandiego 2019 was officially announced on April 24, 2020. It was released on October 1.[1]


Carmen has been off the grid for weeks upon months, looking for clues to her mother's identity. Julia quits A.C.M.E., after Chief has become too blinded by distrust toward Carmen, for stealing intel on her father from them, to see that she isn't stealing from anyone. V.I.L.E. sets up base in Scotland, sending new agents, specifically trained to capture Carmen, after her; once both they and A.C.M.E. discover her latest whereabouts.

Episode List[]

No. Title Directed by Written by Runtime
1 The Luchadora Tango Caper Jos Humphrey Duane Capizzi 24 minutes
2 The Day of the Dead Caper Mike West Sharon Flynn 24 minutes
3 The Haunted Bayou Caper Jos Humphrey Kathryn Lyn 24 minutes
4 The Masks of Venice Caper Mike West Steven Melching 24 minutes
5 The Jolly Good Show Caper Jos Humphrey Greg Ernstrom 24 minutes