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Can You Ever Go Home Again? Part 2 is the final episode of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?


In a rousing climax, Carmen must steal items from all over the world in hopes of ransoming Malcolm Avalon from the manical Lee Jordan. When she finally confronts Lee to make the exchange, he demands one final “job” from her.


Following the circumstances of the prior episode, Chief provides a summary of the preceding events. Carmen and Lee Jordan are at the hideout. Lee gives her a list of items to do and everyone leaves. Ivy and Zack are there to watch and witness in hopes of a clue. They summon the A.C.M.E. and Ivy jumps down. Zack uses a pulley that he slides down to the ground and they get on the car.

Tatiana calls Ivy and Zack. She notifies them that she had been tracking Hannah Lulu from Key West where she met up with some operatives; more operatives are meeting up there as time goes by and that means something there is the target. Ivy and Zack jump with the car via a C5 corridor to Tatiana's coordinates in Washington D.C. where she jumps into the back. They climb up to the top of the Washington Monument and looks over the city to find henchmen; some are going south, another pair in a bus on Pennsylvania Avenue, and another pair on a boat on the Potomac River.

They fly down across the body of water past the Lincoln Memorial and arrive at the Smithsonian Museum. They see Carmen steal an item and exit to her motorcycle. She is unable to turn it on as Zack appears in front, having stole a pivotal moment. He calls for Ivy, but two Humvees appear with Tatiana and Ivy as prisoners.

Zack summons Player to send the A.C.M.E. Car. He drives after them uses a grappling hook, but tears off the hood after trying the brakes. The hood wraps around an arch on a bridge that tears off the rear transmission of the V.I.L.E. car, causing it to crash. Zack puts handcuffs on the henchmen immediately.

News stations around the world report on the thefts made by Carmen around the world. After Washington D.C., she stole the crown jewels from London, England, a priceless samurai sword from Tokyo, Japan, a rare baseball card from Los Angeles, California, and the Mona Lisa painting from the Louvre in Paris, France. There was a huge outcry over the theft. At the hideout, Lee Jordan is pretty happy over the string of thefts. The thefts have netted them approximately US$700 million of valuables and are on track to steal US$1 billion; this would allow Lee Jordan to fund a criminal organization of his own. His henchmen, especially Cruiser, wants to go on and steal some artifacts that will gain them infamy.

In A.C.M.E. headquarters, Zack and Ivy are working endlessly to work on the case; every other A.C.M.E. had been working on the case. Ivy and Zack re-read the clue again with an Agent named Lee. He tells them that Carmen and some henchmen had been observed in Shanghai China. Considering China, and the clue, they realize the clue could refer to the Forbidden City, in Beijing; Zack and Ivy immediately jump through a C5 corridor to Beijing.

Ivy and Zack arrive in the Forbidden City. And hide behind a wall. They witness Carmen tell Lee to hand over her father, but rebuffed; Lee wants her to destroy A.C.M.E. and Ivy and Zack. Michael Avalon is hauled out towards a helicopter. Ivy and Zack jump onto the ladder under the V.I.L.E.. Carmen uses her own helicopter and hangs onto the ladder. Meanwhile, A.C.M.E. detectives from past cases come and help take out the henchmen who are using laser beam guns; they spread out in search of Lee Jordan. The two helicopters crash, forcing Carmen, Michael, Ivy, and Zack to land on a roof of a building. Lee Jordan comes and uses a laser beam gun, but then, Billy Running Bird throughs restraints, forcing him to fire randomly and destabilize the roof. They all fall down. Carmen comes up to Michael Avalon, but he does not recognize her at all. She throws smoke so she can escape. Ivy calls for an ambulance. All the henchmen are taken into custody, along with Lee Jordan. Carmen stands on the roof; she resigns to the fact that she will never get an answer to whether she will fully know whether Malcolm is her father.

Back at A.C.M.E., Ivy and Zack are quite happy they finished up the case with Lee Jordan, "again". Chief tells them that doctors diagnosed Malcolm with amnesia after that fall and selective memories have been forgotten. Ivy and Zack wonder now if Carmen will ever know and get a definitive answer.

In a post credits scene, a medicine man tries to use the pendant to bring up memories. She recalls as a child walking out of the hotel fire in San Francisco. Carmen acknowledges that some things will remain as a mystery.

End Goal[]

Carmen wants to set her father free, but doing stuff by stealing some items as requested by Lee Jordan

Stolen Items[]

  • Hope Diamond
  • Crown Jewels in the Tower of London
  • Samurai Sword in Japan
  • Horus Wagner baseball card from Los Angeles, California
  • Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo da Vinci in Paris, France


  • Note left by Carmen – Don't go looking inside your country. Its name is something not allowed. - This refers to the Forbidden City in Beijing China.


  • Hideout location in Switzerland
  • Key West, Florida (mentioned)
  • Washington D.C.
    • Washington Memorial
    • Lincoln Memorial
    • Smithsonian Museum
  • London, England
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Paris, France
  • Shanghai, China (mentioned)
  • Beijing, China]]



  • This episode is part 2 of the final episode of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?
  • This was the inspiration for the 2019 Netflix series; Carmen Sandiego's father had lived in a mansion estate on the outskirts of Buenos Aires.
  • Lee Jordan reappears in this episode
  • Carmen is close to 30 years old in this episode


  • Don't Disappoint me, Carmen!
  • Well, What have we here? An A.C.M.E. reunion?.
  • I was absent at the day when we did tree jumping at the training academy.
  • That was a smart move-but not smart enough.
  • Lee Jordan holiday shopping channel
  • You can say goodby to yoru daughter, if she really is your daughter


  • In America, we greet other peple by shaking hands. What's a common greeting in Japan?
    • A common greeting in Japan is to bow.
  • What's the name of the large public square in China that's big enough to hold over 75 football fields?
    • Peking (Beijing) China's Tiananmen Square is the largest publci square in the world...




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