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By A Whisker is the 5th episode of Season 1 of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?


When Carmen steals the Tower of London, the team must chase her to Mongolia, Vancouver, Siberia, and Zimbabwe in order to reclaim stolen artifacts before she uses them for her cats.


Tower of London, England. The crown jewels are guarded and protected. At night, Carmen's henchmen make an attempt to rob the crown jewels but are captured in the process. Carmen comes to the tower to personally seize them. Instead, she took the entire tower via helicopter.

In San Francisco ACME headquarters, the Chief briefs Zack and Ivy. Carmen took the entire tower to Mongolia. They head there via a C5 corridor. On the Mongolian steppes, they see two soldiers, and attempt to communicate. It turns out they are Carmen's henchmen and take them to the Tower. There they are rescued by an MI6 operative who tells them info and leaves for Vancouver. They look for clues and deduce that they had to go to Vancouver as well.

Henchmen dressed as Royal Canadian Mounted Police cutting down Native American totem poles.

Taken captive, the pair are tied to logs driven on a truck. Breaking free, they dive into a river, fiding refuge in a beaver dam. They use the C5 corridor to board the Trans-Siberian Railroad. There they meet the conductor and their cat. Using clues, they determine Carmen is after the caviar on board the train. Heading up the train, Carmen's hechmen make off with the caviar as it passes over a bridge, picking them up from a boat. The detective from the Tower of London turns out to be Frank Imposter posing as Nigel Fenwick of British Intelligence. They try to drag him down to the river, but he flies away upon a contramption while the pair hands onto the railroad tracks. Fallign into the river, they swim to the banks. They think they will go after carts, and go for a unique one, so it would be a white Great Lion in Africa. The Chief sends the pair via the C5 corridor to the Zambezi National Park in Zimbabwe. There they arrive at a ranger station where animals are kept. Overpowering a guard, the pair witness Carmen load two White cubs onto a car and head toward a river bank. Loading the two cubs into a canoe, she gets in and paddles. Zack and Ivy catch up and rescues the cubs, while Carmen lets herself fall over Angel Falls and lands on a plane where she is taken to safety.

Carmen gets away and the cubs are returned to safety.


  • This is the first of two times featuring Carmen Sandiego attempting to steal the Crown Jewels.



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