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Buggs Zapper is one of Carmen's henchmen in "Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego?". He is a gangster with a fear of insects and constantly carries around an old-fashioned bug sprayer. He is constantly tormented by a fly. He only appears in the second and final season, replacing Baron Wasteland.


TV Show[]

Appearing only in the 2nd season, Buggs Zapper appears to have green skin, a black mustache, and a scar on his left cheek. He wears an orange fedora and zoot suit, with a black dress-shirt and white tie.

Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time[]

In the game, Buggs has regular white skin, no scar, and his hat and suit are black.


  • His name is a pun on "bug zapper" and gangster "Bugsy Malone".


TV Show[]

Buggs appears throughout the 2nd season, with his most notable thefts including the canning process from Paris, 1809 and the Magna Carta from England, 1215.

Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time[]

When Carmen 1st sends Buggs through time, he steals a block of salt from Mansa Musa's pilgrimage. With help from Ann Tickwittee, the player finds more salt for the caravan and captures Buggs hiding behind a camel. When he's broken out by Carmen, he goes to the Aztecs in Mexico and steals Montezuma's headdress. Ann and the player are able to make a new headdress and capture Buggs hiding under an eagle's stand, taking him back to ACME jail.

Buggs Zapper


  • "Ya think you're smart, eh? Aw, get outta here! You won't keep me in the clink for long."
  • "All right. Youse got the zap on me. But you'll never catch the buzz about Carmen's real plan!"
  • "Did someone call for the exterminator?"
  • "Take that, you dirty Time Vermin!"
  • "Oh my goodness, am I perturbed!"


There's nothing better than a good ol’ fashioned “old timey” gangster character, is there? This scarfaced, flashy mobster wields not a Tommy Gun, but an old fashioned bug sprayer...which can be filled with everything from poisonous gas to a...giant...boxing...glove...yeah, you work that one out. Like Sir Vile, he first appeared in the game show version of “Time,” and then reappeared (with a much less flamboyant design) in the remake of the PC game, which, as many of you may know by now, happens to be my favorite Carmen Sandiego game of all time. Buggs' most notable trait, despite his stereotypical mobster-isms, was that he was an insectophobe (or entomophobe, depending on your preference, I suppose), which lead to some funny moments; his arch-enemy was a random fly who seemed to enjoy tormenting him incessantly, and Buggs made it his goal in life to “rub out” this pesky foe. It was quite amusing to see this classic gangster go from a loudmouthed tough guy with some class to a whimpering or tantrum-throwing child when a tiny fly just randomly flew in and started...ahem...“bugging” him, if you'll pardon the phrase. Again, nothing too complex, but just a lot of fun.