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Boyhood's End (2) is the 8th and final episode of Season 2 of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?


In this two-part episode, a hotshot detective works with Ivy, while Zack takes a much-needed vacation. However, there is something strange about this dark and driven young man.


Continuing on from Boyhood's End Part 1

Delphi Greece.

Lee Jordan is talking to Carmen Sandiego on an old pillar; He tellsCarmen that he captured her so that he can join her. He then uses a key to unlock the handcuffs and both jump on a rope that pulls them onto the aircraft above them. Zack and Ivy manage to escape through a hole in the canvern and run up to the rope, hanging on. Lee Jordan cuts the rope but is told by Carmen Sandiego to never do that again. Zack and Ivy fall into the river, and is picked up by a boat captain. They are briefed by Chief, who is shocked that Lee Jordan has switched sides.

A brief communication between Carmen and Lee with the pair of detectives leaves with the clue of "keys on a coat that wont' open". A brief consideration leads them to the keys on the coat of arms of the Vatican so they take a C5 corridor to Vatican City. There, they see some Swiss Guard, and take notice that they also speak English. Meanwhile, Lee and Carmen work on some gadgets to steal a work by Michaelangelo.

During a stakeout, Ivy and Zack see a plane drop henchmen and move. They do not know which ones are the decoy and the real Carmen and Lee. Meanwhile, lee and Carmen leave a note for Zack and Ivy as a clue. Zack and Ivy approach a security guard and look at the feeds, and determine that Lee used postcards and pasted them to the security cameras in an attempt to fool the guard. They run to the place. In the room, Carmen sprays a gas that reveals the security line detection alarms; Lee Jordan uses tech to jump and glide on a wire to retrieve Dante's Inferno; to his disappointment, Carmen wants him to return the item to its location as she tested him. Lee wants to keep so he can sell it for money but Carmen is adamant to return it; she trips the alarm so he has 2 minutes to leave. Zack and Ivy enter the room and chase after him.

He jumps on a book shelf and gives them a penny as a clue and determines that he will committ the crijme of the century; He jumps and the shelf topples. Ivy uses a spear to prop up the shelf for the moment so Zack can move out of the way after a bunch of books fall on him. The police come in and are briefed. Carmen at her safe house sees the news that jewels have been stolen from the Smithonian Museum in Washington DC, and the day's tickets for a museum in Athens, Greece. Carmen immediately knew that it was the handiwork of Lee Jordan.

Meanwhile, at ACME headquarters in San Francisco, Zack had the coin analyzed but is baffled at it leads no further. Chief alerts them via CrimeNet that Lee Jordan was seen in Genva robbing banks. The pair immediately jump via the C5 Corridor and arrive, only to see Lee Jordan run out and into his car. The pair jump and hang onto the car's spoiler, while Lee drives through the streets and turns a corner so the pair falls into a snowbank. Zack receives a coin and Lee drives off; it is a chocolate mint coin.

Back at a table of an outdoor cafe in San Francisco, Zack and Ivy are at a loss when a hot tip comes in from Carmen; it is a phrase that links San Francisco to Denver, that is the mints that produce the coins; the coin given does not have a distinct marking, indicating it was produced by the Mint in Philadelphia. Both jump througha a C5 corridor to Philadelphia, USA. Lee Jordan is setting up electrical wires. It has a small shake and has to deal with Carmen Sandiego. The pair od detectives enter a room and Lee Jordan appears. He holds Carmen hostage and orders Zack and Ivy to load up the bags of coins into his personal hovercraft. Both decide to put in gold pressed bars instead so it is much heavy, fueling the greed of Lee. Carmen is put in handcuffs adn tied to a pillar by Zack and Ivy while they give chase in his craft. Lee Jordan is not able to fly because the extreme weight of the bars and only is able to power near the ground, hitting cars on the way. Zack and Ivy take a police motorcycle, and get on it, leading it to crash. They arrest him and bring them back to the mint to deal with Carmen, who escapes by pulling on the cuffs. In the end, Lee Jordan is arrested and taken into custody for the heists he committed.

Player and Carmen exchange a few barbs in the end, stating "See You Next Crime"

Stolen Items[]

  • artwork by Michaelangelo
  • jewels from the Smithsonian
  • tickets for the day from Museum in Athens, Greece
  • coin without mark


  • Keys that will not open; part of coat of arms of Vatican City
  • Penny given by Lee Jordan
  • Chocolate mint coin
  • At San Francisco and don't go to Denver - the mint that produce coins




  • Florida's offshore Islands are called what?
    • Florida's offshore islands are called The Florida Keys
  • The Smithsonian has over 140 million items in its museums. Can you name one American flag you could find there?
    • The Star Spangled Banner is kept the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C.




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