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Boyhood's End Part 1 is the 7th episode of Season 2 of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?


Carmen kicks off another one of her crime sprees by stealing King Tuts sarcophagus, and Ivy is temporarily given a new partner when Zach is needed elsewhere.


Giza pyramids, in Egypt

Night time, Zack and Ivy are on a stakeout near the three Giza pyramids. They are on the watch, as the tomb of King Tutankhamen was stolen by a mysterious thief. In the oasis, they see some machine come out of the water; it is Carmen Sandiego. The pair give chase, and climb onto the tomb, but fall out. A part of the robe caught onto the low flying plane and drags Ivy in the air. A mysterious person comes and rescues her from the plane, while Carmen escapes. It is Lee Jordan who rescues her.

At ACME headquarters, the both realize it is Lee Jordan, and Ivy is a bit turned off that Lee Jordan is a flirt. He comes in and makes a move to Ivy, but is rebuffed. Zack is a bit excited as he sees that Lee Jordan solved 100 cases in the past few years and had at one point captured Carmen Sandiego. Chief briefs the trio. Zack is needed at the Pentagon in Washington D.C. thus Ivy is paired with Lee Jordan, to her dismay at his attitude.

Lee Jordan had tracked Carmen's plane to the cathedral in Palermo Italy. Looking at the information on the plane, Ivy and Lee determine that Carmen had travelled to Barcelona, and both use a C5 corridor to Barcelona, where Chief briefs them about Pablo Picasso and his time in the city. At a museum they enter, Lee Jordan walks through a corridor, and slips Ivy while she tries to catch up. While Ivy heads in one direction, Lee follows Carmen to a room, where she held a painting. Ivy follows but the pair both want to get credit for capturing her, while Carmen escapes through a hole in the ground. Lee trips Ivy as she lunges and both trip each other fighting while they reach into the Metro rail. Carmen escapes ona craft while a subway train comes. Carmen rewinds and picks them up and escapes into the air via an opening and takes them to the cathedral known as La Familia Sagrada, dropping them on a crane and leaving a clue. The pair retrieve the clue and argue, each claiming they are their own case.

At a table in a square, they have a tense attempt to figure out what it is for the past seven hours. Ivy gets frustrated and takes a walk, while Lee explores the early history of Alexander the Great, and Carmen, looking for clues. Frustrated, he swears he will capture Carmen Sandiego.

While Lee is clearing his head, Ivy uses a communicator to talk to Zack and airs her suspicions that Lee is up to something. Meanwhile, Zack has been dealing with the computer systems at the Pentagon, as someone was able to hack the systems via phone and crasht he systems while he was trying to restart them. Lee listens on their conversations and concludes the words used refer to the Oracle of Delphi in Greece, leading the pair to use a C5 corridor to Delphi Greece. Lee asks in Greek about a lday in red and the local resident tell him that she is heading to the Temple of Apollo. Lee tells Ivy that no one was seen and they should split up, while he runs to the temple. Ivy calls Zack, who puts things together as they realize that Lee Jordan was the one crashed the system and sabotaged the mission so Zack comes via C5 corridor. Lee sees Ivy and Zack run up the steps to the Temple and hides his flashlight in a secret entrance that the oracles typically used, both of whom enter and try to follow him. Lee takes the opportunity to push a big bolder blocking the entrance. Subsequently, he sees Carmen standing on a pillar, which he climbs. Carmen uses two thrusters on her amrs to jump to another pillar, and Lee jumps so to climb. She uses the thrusters to try to get onto a ship just above her, but Lee uses a device to damage the thursters, forcing them off and she falls onto the pillar so that Lee can put cuffs on her arm.

In that instance, he tells Carmen "I got you" but Carmen retorts saying she got him. In this instance, Player sees on screen that the game is "to be continued". See "Boyhood's End Part II.

Stolen Items[]

  • King Tut’s Tomb
  • Painting from La Familia Sagrada


  • Plane, mileage
  • Pin
  • Pablo Picasso art
  • man on horse statue
  • Oracle of Delphi


  • Sahara, Egypt, near the pyramids
  • ACME headquarters
  • Washington D.C.
  • Palermo, Italy.
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Delphi, Greece



  • How will Lee and Ivy figure out where exactly in Barcelona Carmen might be?
    • Lee and Ivy should use all the information they have... Cross Check their facts... and use their good clear logic
  • What great thinker and philosopher was once Alexander the Great's teacher?
    • The Greek Philosopher Aristotle was once Alexander the Great's teacher. to a kimono sash.




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