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Bolivia, officially El Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia (Spanish for "the Plurinational State of Bolivia"), is a Spanish-speaking country in South America. It is bordered to the north and east by Brazil, to the southeast by Paraguay, to the south by Argentina, to the southwest by Chile, and to the northwest by Peru. Its executive capital is La Paz, but its constitutional capital is Sucre.

In pre-Columbian times, Bolivia was part of the Inca Empire. Then, in the 1530's, the Spanish conquistadores took over. Bolivia became an independent nation in 1809, and, although it did occupy some coastline, Bolivia lost its coastline territory to Chile in the 1880's.

Bolivia was referenced in a number of episodes of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, including:

  • The Big Ness Mess: landlocked country, borders Peru, and Lake Titicaca
  • The Great Wall Haul: charango (armadillo-shell guitar)
  • The Square Scam: highest country in the Americas, La Paz, Quechua-speaking people, and "Bailecitos" music
  • Who Stole the Bowl?: Carnaval de Oruro
  • The Great Train Slobbery: La Paz is the highest capital in the world, and La Diablada (devil dance)
  • Has Anybody Cinema Festival?: landlocked since the 1880's and Lake Poopó
  • Wanted for Armed Cobbery: used to have a coastline but still have a navy
  • In Minimum Security Prism, the Gumshoes look for clues in three trash cans. These clues reveal that the capitals of Bolivia are Sucre and La Paz, it is a landlocked country, and its people speak Spanish, Quechua, and Aymara.
  • Se Habla Espa-ol: two capitals (Sucre and La Paz)
    • In the Final Showdown, the loot is located at the Blanco River, the Warrant at the House of Liberty, and Patty Larceny at the Santa Cruz Zoo.