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Tstovall001 Tstovall001 25 December 2021

Carmen Sandiego (My Version)

In my AU of Carmen Sandiego, it takes place in an omegaverse. In this, Carmen Sandiego, (an omega), is the birth daughter of Shadowsan (another omega), and Dexter Wolfe (an alpha). After Chief killed her father, Shadowsan brought Carmen to VILE Island to protect her from ACME. On the night that Carmen escaped the Island, Shadowsan went with her, and using the hard drive they stole, the two teamed up with Player to sabotage VILE and protect valuable historic artifacts. Along the way, their team grew to include Zack and Ivy, two Betas.

Real Name: Serurian Mavis Wolfe

Alias(es): Carmen Sandiego (current)

Red (by Player)

Carm (by Zack and Ivy)

Family: Rogue Sandiego AKA Shadowsan (bearer/mother)

Dexter Wolfe (father, deceased)

Julia Argent-Wolfe (née…

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Bigpurplemuppet99 Bigpurplemuppet99 2 October 2021

Carmen Sandiego: Hero or Villain?

Do you guys prefer Carmen Sandiego when she was a hero or when she was a brainwashed villain?


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Player xOXo Player xOXo 3 March 2021

Carmen Sandiego


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DedewsazdAZMSjxzxshzb csfdfjhc DedewsazdAZMSjxzxshzb csfdfjhc 19 February 2021


hey there viewer.

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AlanurZ AlanurZ 4 January 2021

Me and my clumsiness


  • Hello my name is Alanur and I live in Turkey. I'm trying to figure out how to use this place right now. The other day I accidentally uploaded a Dr. Bellum photo and couldn't delete it. Did someone else delete my edit anyway. (Most likely 'this idiot is trying to do what broke everything' said Lol). But now I'm starting to understand this site. Anyway I hope I used this place for the right purpose lol. See you later. I wrote these with help from the translation so I hope I didn't write anything wrong and you understand me. Byeee.
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FuelTheDemon FuelTheDemon 31 December 2020


"Stealing isn't a game, it does harm people."

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SandiegoCarmen SandiegoCarmen 13 October 2020

I love this wiki!

I'm glad I joined this wikipedia! I watch about 2 or 3 episodes a week! Please ask me if I add any false information!

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Her Cinnamonrollness Her Cinnamonrollness 3 September 2020

How It Would Have Gone ~ A Carmen-Gray fanfic


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StarLightNova StarLightNova 30 July 2020

Season 3 for Carmen Sandiego

Season 3 has been announced a while back. An announcement date is unknown but I predict is this year or 2021. :D

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StarLightNova StarLightNova 30 July 2020

I'm the admin here

Hello folks, I'm admin here so if you need help with anything, ask me ok? Thnaks.

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Gemology Gemology 20 June 2020

Season 4?

One of the crew let it slip that they worked on Seasons 3 and 4... Then removed the caption and comments on the photo...

It would make sense since Season 1 and Season 2 were being worked on simultaneously, and given that they were sort of like Season 1A and Season 1B (like many Netflix shows are doing), it wouldn't be surprising if Seasons 3 and 4 were more akin to Season 2A and Season 2B, with a similar number of episodes to the first two seasons.

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Gemology Gemology 19 June 2020

Join the Carmen X Julia Discord

That's all I came here to say.

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Beardancing4 Beardancing4 25 April 2020


I am new to the Carmen Sandiego wiki and wanted to say hello! I love the 2019 Netflix animated series, but learned about Carmen Sandiego through the card game! I also ship Carmen x Gray!

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StarLightNova StarLightNova 20 April 2020

A quick thought on the Interactive episode

(To be expanded)

A few thoughts on the most recent episode To Steal or Not to Steal.

Its a refreshing update to the Netflix series. Clocking in at over 50 minutes, I thought it was worth the hour long time I spent on it. Putting me in the shoes of Carmen made me feel like I'm felt like what she has been through. Made me think and process the same code that she has to consider when she does things. It was kind of neat knowing a hacker guy was around when I needed him the most. That was fun. The plot was well done, people felt natural, and works well.

I won't say much in this review regarding the plot (will say in a another post) but this: it is great. It has proven itself as a natural and fantastic contination of the animated series and is a …

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GoldenOath20 GoldenOath20 20 March 2020

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

She's been to...

  • Buenos Aries, Argentina
  • The Canery Islands
  • Casablanca, Morocco
  • Porties, France
  • Java, Indonesia
  • Quito, Ecuador
  • Amsterdam, Switzerland
  • The Australian Outback
  • San Fransico, USA
  • Prague, the Czech Republic
  • Rio de janeiro, Brazil
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Milan, Italy
  • Boston, USA
  • Dubai, the United Arab Emirates
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • The African Savanna

Where in the world is Carmen goin to go next?

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Linkocomic Linkocomic 7 November 2019


I think a Discord server for Carmen Sandiego could help organize wiki projects and discuss the show. Maybe we can team up with the subreddit as well. Thoughts?

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MrHacks MrHacks 29 September 2019

Season 2 and other news

Greeting Gumshoes,  A.C.M.E. agent Mr. Hacks here with some important news.

  • 1 Season 2 is coming October 1
  • 2 Tell Top Draw To Pay Their Animators
  • 3 Carmen Almost Steals an Emmy
  • 4 Netflix Financial Loss Means Cancelations, but Carmen Should Be OK
  • 5 Spilt and Merge Templates Added

Carmen Sandiego season 2 is coming Tuesday, October 1 to Netflix.  If you've watched other animated series on Netflix like She-Ra and the Princesses of Power or Voltron: Legendary Defender, you are probably aware of how Netflix likes to break up seasons into smaller parts. So technically Carmen Sandiego Season 2 is more like "Season 1b" considering how Season 1 was just 9 episodes.  "Season 2" is slated to be 11 episodes. So if you haven't seen Season 1 already, watch those episodes…

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Carnegg Carnegg 10 April 2019

Favorite Character Fan Shipping.

What is your favorite character pairings on the Series.

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GreenSentinel GreenSentinel 15 February 2019

Hey guys

Hello Guys, I am GreenSentinel. I loved the new Carmen Sandiego on Netflix, watching it a few times now. Really intrested in adding info and making a contribution to this WIKI. I also remeber playing the games as a kid. So enjoying re reading the other pages and exploring all the great content. :) 

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MrHacks MrHacks 20 January 2019

Carmen Sandiego on Netflix

Hello Gumshoes,

My name is Mr. Hacks. I've been a Wikia/Fandom editor on other Wikia sites (now becoming Fandom sites) for the past few years.

As someone who grew up playing the games and watching the TV Series, I am elated to start editing this Wiki for the new series Carmen Sandiego which appeared on Netflix in the United States a few days ago.

There are a few things that I have done here and a few other things that I want to do here.

First the done list:

  • I've modified the Stub and Spoiler templates.
  • I've created new CharacterBox templates based on a design I borrowed from the Steven Universe Wikia.
  • There are four versions of the CharacterBox template: CharacterBox for general characters (which I had a sandlewood accent earlier but it didn't pan out well.) …
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TheNewWorldComeback TheNewWorldComeback 27 July 2017

Place to Dump Images-- if Needed

Could probably be used for Ivy's page? Eh i dont know bye

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Carebearheart Carebearheart 30 November 2016

Who is your favorite ACME Good Guide?

All the good guides are awesome! but is there one you would prefer to be with more in the game? :)

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Jaymiller923 Jaymiller923 18 August 2016

Classic Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?

Is Classic Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego, MS-DOS Game?


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