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Birds of a Feather is the 6th episode of season 3 of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?


Carmen seems to have "gone to the birds" when all her clues lead Zack and Ivy to enlist the help of a comically nebbish junior ornithologist. However, far from being a "bird brained" scheme, Carmen's plan is to pull off the perfect crime.


Banff Ski Resort. Ivy and Zack are enjoying a vacation by skiing when Chief appears. He briefs them on the recent theft from the jewel house, in the Tower of London. He immediately uses a C5 corridor to send them into the Tower of London. There they meet up with a detective who shows them that the Jewel of Africa from a scepter was taken. An operative in Afghanistan named Lahigula calls and briefs them that he saw Carmen. The pair travel via a C5 corridor to Mazar-E Sharif in Afghanistan. They arrive with the operative; the trio spots Carmen. The trio tries to chase after her but she manages to elude them for a bit. She is seen in a corner feeding food to white pigeons; When Ivy and Zack try to nab her, the pigeons distract them long enough for Carmen to leave a clue.

In a public square, Zack talks to a shop keeper who tells him that Carmen bought a lamp for one dollar. Lahigula tells them of a local legend where pigeons of all colors come to the place, but turn white after 4 days. A hot tip comes in via CrimeNet that says another forgery was found in Kabul and Lahigula jumps via C5 corridor. The group jump to Scotland island of Hoy. There they see Carmen sanding upon a giant rock pillar. Zacka nd Ivy try to capture here by a net on a nearby boat but she shakes them off and escapes using jetpack. There she leaves a book of birds. They cross reference the book of birds with info so they call in an orthnologist named Chester. Chester reveals that birdcalling is popular and that Carmen could have secretly went to San Diego, California for the Leonard J. Waxdeck Bird Calling Competition.

The trio arrive in California outside a building that has the contest. People come out and say that Carmen stole cards related to bird calling. Carmen is seen in a hovercraft leaving. They steal a hovercraft used by a henchmen and give chase. However, they crash into a tree and fall, and gets taken captive and bound by ropes in an elevated treehouse. Ivy manages to cut them loose while Chief briefs them on info. Putting heads together, they needed more information about Ravens from Stu. L Pijin, who they had caught and imprisoned in Limerick, Ireland. He tells them that pigeons mate as pairs. Putting all the information together, they realize that the missing bird in the cages near them is 1/2 of a paired couple of raven, and that the raven they encountered earlier in the TOwer of London was that one, and not the ones that reside in the Tower of London. The bird had stolen the Diamond of AFrica from the scepter and had to be meeting up in Hoy Scotland to give to Carmen. However, Frank M Personator had betrayed her and kept it to himself.

The other bird comes and with the diamond sites on an elevated room. Ivy goes across and gets the diamond and throws it to a nest. The two birds come and sit next to it, and Carmen comes in a craft and uses a call that attracts the two birds, taking the jewel with it.

Ivy and Zack are content with this; Ivy had switched the actual Jewel with a piece of her magnifying glass. Carmen gets away this time.

Stolen Items[]

  • artwork
  • items related to bird calling


  • Lamp
  • "Hoy, Meet Me!"
  • Book on birds
  • birdcalling


  • Banff Ski Resort, Alberta, Canada
  • Tower of London, London, United Kingdom
  • Maar-E Sharie, Afghanistan
  • Hoy, Scotland, United Kingdom
  • San Diego, California, USA
  • Limerick, Ireland



  • The Mazar-E Sharif Mosque is located in what landlocked country?
    • The Mazar-E Sharif Mosque is located in Afghanistan, a countryh completely surrounded on all sides by other countries
  • What does a woodpecker's "birdsong" sound like?
    • A woodpecker's birdsong is the TAPPING SOUND it makes hitting its beak on wood.


This is the 2nd of 3 times that the Jewels of the Tower of London has been stolen.



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