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Becoming Carmen Sandiego: Part 2 is the second episode of the first season and second episode overall, it is set directly after its predecessor episode.


Continuing to tell her origin story to an old friend, Carmen recalls how she stowed away on the graduates first mission. After being returned to V.I.L.E Academy, Carmen vows to steer away from a life of crime and departs from the Isle of V.I.L.E once and for all. Meanwhile in the present day, Interpol agents, Julia Argent and Chase Devineaux continue their search for the elusive thief.

Escape from The Isle of V.I.L.E[]

As The Cleaners fly the helicopter towards its designated destination so that the recently graduated Crackle, Tigress, El Topo and Le Chevre can begin their first caper, Carmen's phone begins to ring and she answers telling Player that she is not in a good place to take calls at that moment though Player continues to talk to her, mentioning that since she was no longer on campus grounds, answering the phone was not breaking a rule, now confused, Carmen questions how her new friend was able to contact her and Player admits that the stolen phone appeared on his computer screen the moment Carmen departed from the Academy.

As The Cleaners announce that they are now in place, Carmen looks out from her hiding spot in time to see the four operatives placing parachutes on their backs with herself realizing that she does not have one. As Antonio and Jean-Paul jump out of the helicopter and safely float down due to their parachutes opening, Sheena looks down with hesitation as Gray teases her by remarking that cats always land on their feet as he then kicks her in the back causing Sheena to fall though her parachute also opens. Seeing an opening opportunity, Carmen lunges out of hiding and pushes Gray out which startles him, she begs him not to let go as his parachute opens and the group land in an archaeological site in Casablanca, Morocco, after landing, Gray berates Carmen for her reckless behavior stating that her move has put his criminal career at risk and wonders what The Faculty would do if they discovered what Carmen had done, unphased, Carmen states that she will be long gone before she can be found as Sheena then yells for Gray, the latter then tells Carmen to stay where she is as he goes to unite with his team. Still not phased, Carmen quietly tells herself she is going to stop the caper and follows after the team.

Inside The Faculty's council room, Mime Bomb seeks an audience with his Instructors and mimes a scenario out for them, Countess Cleo guesses that the silent operative is a chicken and Mime then flaps his arms in a flying motion causing The Countess to tell him that chickens do not fly, he moves his hands around more as Professor Maelstrom wonders who gave the all clear to have a mime as a spy, still continuing his act, Coach Brunt realises that Mime's scenario was that someone had flown the coop and then guesses that it was Carmen to which Mime confirms that she is correct. Annoyed, Shadowsan starts to rise from his seat as The Countess mentions that incident would cause a problem for them, remaining calm, Maelstrom orders that someone should contact The Cleaners of the situation.

As Carmen walks ahead, she stops to take in that she had ended up in Casablanca, Morocco, taking in the sights, she becomes overjoyed at the idea that she was able to make it off the Isle of V.I.L.E, managing to regain her thoughts and focus, she goes to leave but returns for a brief second to take a picture and then goes to try and locate the other operatives. As Carmen walks through the site, a man walks over to her and shows worry for the young girl as it is night, he wonders if her parents are aware of where she is as Carmen admits she is also clueless of where she is, the archaeologist informs her that she is in a dig site in which he and his team dig up certain sites and areas to find items that may be link to the past, Carmen then wonders if it is possible to find dinosaur bones as the man states that anything can be found. As the site leaders continues to walk on with Carmen in tow, he mentions that his team had just recently uncovered a valuable jewel named The Eye of Vishnu, its status causes Carmen to wonder if the man fears his crew would steal it as the leader assures her that it is fine, after Carmen shows interest in its monetary value, the leader tells her that there are more to many valuable items than just what it costs as it tells her that it belongs to the people and inside a museum, stating that stealing it would only rob the people of its knowledge.

The Caper[]

After the lights cut out, Carmen realises that the dig site is the same area in which V.I.L.E is targeting and figures out that the lights suddenly going out was due to Gray tampering with the power, continuing to look around, Carmen's suspicions become true as she watches Jean-Paul climb on one of the broken walls with some rope, the latter then descends from the opposite side and knocks two of the guards out as Sheena sends some of the workers unconscious. Noticing the fight, Carmen runs towards it and is seen by Antonio who becomes confused knowing Carmen did not graduate, noticing her from above, Gray yells down at her as her presence would only compromise the mission as the site leader finds the three and believes Carmen is allied with the thieves, Carmen admits to knowing them but assures the man that she is not there to steal.

Not wanting The Eye of Vishnu to be stolen, the site leader goes to try and take it back but is confronted by Gray as the two engage in a fight. Antonio yells over that no witnesses should remain as Gray steps back to grab the Crackle Rod and attempts to use it on the man, he begins to charge it up only to be knocked down by Carmen who demands to know why witnesses are to be taken out, Sheena then runs through the scene stating that she will handle Carmen only for the latter to knock her out using the Crackle Rod, still angered, Carmen swings the weapon at its owner though Gray swiftly dodges the attack but stops as The Cleaners appear from behind Carmen and use a cloth to knock her out as the operatives watch on with Antonio holding the valuable jewel as Carmen then blacks out.

Train to Paris[]

In the present day, Carmen, still hurt, mentions that Gray was the older brother figure she never had as the train stops at the station, not phased about what he did, Gray states that him graduating from The Academy was a game changing moment as he recalls The Faculty giving him and the other graduates a speech. Still remembering how Gray was about to seriously hurt an innocent man, she berates him for his lack of empathy as the train continues its trip. Meanwhile, Chase continues to pursue Carmen and the train with the car still not being in good shape as Julia then calls him to explain that the house in which Carmen visited hours prior is owned by an Import, Export company and mentions that they have connections to the places in which Carmen had supposedly robbed from before her appearance in France. Chase then asks his partner what she means as Julia wonders if Carmen is only stealing from other thieves as the car Chase is in finally stops due to an empty fuel tank. Above, a small plane flies and goes to land as Chase then declares he is there to commandeer it on official Interpol business. On the train, Gray declares that even though they are close to their final destination, he is still unsure of who Carmen really is as he then threatens her with the Crackle Rod, not scared, Carmen promises to get to the more important parts of her origin story.

Returned to the Isle of V.I.L.E[]

After being sent back to the Isle, Coach Brunt hugs her adopted daughter, blaming herself for the situation as Carmen can only endure the guilt. After which, she then deals with being spied up by a drone built by Doctor Bellum, dealing with The Countess' attempts at putting her manners in her place, Professor Maelstrom's evaluation by using ink blob tests and as she walks through the hallways, Carmen watches as Shadowsan closes his doors on her and returns to her room where she sits alone. Inside The Faculty's council room, Vlad and Boris give their bosses the confiscated phone.

Once the Academic year began, Carmen began to pretend she was fully invested with her work though in truth, this was a ruse as Carmen only it as a way to bide her time into plotting another way to escape in which it would be for good and one where she would not be captured again. On the first of December that year, rain fell as Carmen watches from her usual place where she used to throw water balloons at the financial operative and The Captain. In her room, Carmen stands in front of her Russian dolls wondering if she should take them with her, she then chooses not to do so believing she would be more successful by traveling with no extra weight with her. After donning her stealth suit, Carmen then sneaks around The Academy in an effort to regain her phone but stops just outside of one of the rooms as Doctor Bellum and Professor Maelstrom exit talking about how they were unsure of how the phone came to be in Carmen's possession in the first place. After the two are then out of sight, Carmen uses the moment to retrieve the device and reconnect with Player who shows worry for her after going so long without talking to her, Carmen admits that she stole the phone after Players informs her that other people were answering it.

Second Attempt At Escape[]

After explaining she was raised in a school for thieves, Player does not question it and notes that the entire situation explained a lot of questions he head. As Booker nears the room, Carmen looks over and asks Player to stay on the line with her as she hides inside the ceiling vent, Booker then enters the room and places the hard drive on the desk before briefly leaving causing Carmen to explain to Player of what is happening, she tells him that her only chance of taking the intel so that a year's worth of information can be stopped from being sent to the database as Player assures her that the moment would be the perfect time to use her skills for good, the words of assurance then cause Carmen to go through with her plan. After making sure the area is clear, Carmen then goes to grab the drive but is forced to retreat under the desk when Maelstrom calls through the intercom, impatiently wanting to know when the upload will happen, annoyed, Booker returns to the room to tell him that she had gone to hang her wet coat and hat up due to the weather.

Despite missing it the first time, Carmen still continues to go through with wanting to escape as she tells Player that she can make it just as long as she is not caught by anyone. As she quietly continues to walk through the hallway, she takes notice of Mime Bomb who catches her in the act. Wondering what he is up to, Carmen asks him though Mime only does a performance of picking a flower and smelling it, a sentence which Player calls a one-sided conversation as Carmen tells him to quiet down causing Mime to be confused, as Carmen goes to leave, she tells her friend that Mime is only a creep who spies on people and snitches on them for his own benefit, realising he could jeopardise her chance of escape, Carmen then throws him into a janitor closet but returns to take a box of small items before Mime could use them to pick the lock.

Still running through the Academy, Carmen stops and hides behind a wall noticing she has Booker in view, she relays to Player that the elevator is key-card only as the latter tells her that her plan would fail if she does not get into the elevator before it goes to the server room. Thinking fast, Carmen throws the trinket box as he prevents the doors from closing, inside she apologises to Booker for scaring her and claims that she also has to go to the room to check on it under the alias of that she is an I.T Trainee, Carmen then tells the finance agent how ashamed of herself she is for all the pranks she has pulled over the years though Booker allows it to slide placing it down to the fact Carmen was raised among thieves, Booker accepts the apology as the two shake hands and the latter bids farewell in Italian as tells Carmen she can do better than pranks and pick-pocketing, she then walks towards the data panels as Carmen promises to take the advice to heart.

Going to place the drive into the port, it does not work as Booker then discovers that the young girl she had just been conversing with had pulled a bait on switch on her, realising this, she presses a button which causes alarms to ring out declaring the emergency, Carmen places her earbud in and tries telling Player only to remember that due to the alarms, the signals were jammed and she cannot contact him, Maelstrom asks Bellum for the location of where the button was pressed from as Bellum confirms it came from the server room. Needing a way out, Carmen returns to the sewer pipe and tries pushing the barred, circular door open only to see it had been reinforced with stronger bolts since her last attempt. Brunt returns to the other four members of The Faculty informing them that all the students are in their rooms except for Carmen causing Shadowsan to leave the room and go for his sword. Wanting to leave, Booker agrees that Carmen's actions are nothing but an act of being a menace but demands she be allowed to leave The Academy, annoyed by the actions that have potentially costed V.I.L.E a fincacial loss, Maelstrom agrees to allow her to leave as Booker goes to collect her coat, Carmen then uses the chance to steal them for herself, now wearing the red trenchcoat and hat, she prepares to leave as Maelstrom tells The Cleaners that Cookie Booker has permission to vacate the premises, though he tells tham that should the mood strike the two, they have permission to terminate the supposed woman.

As Carmen goes to leave, the two mention that they will see her the next year as Carmen uses Booker's departing catchphrase as she walks out. After discovering Booker had been locked away in the closet and tied up, Maelstrom yells at the two for being so easily fooled as they, along with Shadowsan, prepare to chase after the young girl just before Maelstrom reports to The Captain that the returning lady in red is no mere lady but instead a trick. With this information, The Captain attempted to attack Carmen only to be stopped by the young girl. Reaching the boat, Carmen attempts to start it only to find it will not operate without a key, she takes the keys from the unconscious Captain and starts the boat as Shadowsan yells for her, Carmen then drives the boat back declaring that she passed her test and drives away from the Isle. Now free, Carmen tells Player of her escape and asks where she is as Player tells her that she is on the Canary Islands, Carmen notes that she had an interesting upbringing but now, she wishes to see the world though Player tells her that the idea would only work if she had a passport, stating that having Black Sheep as a name would not work, Carmen then declares her name is Carmen Sandiego as she asks Player if his White Hat Hacker status means he has to wear a white hat.

Present Day[]

Gray then declares that time is up and states that The Faculty want Carmen to return home, explaining that they are even going as far as to allow a full pardon, claiming that even Shadowsan will allow the pardon, Carmen refuses on the grounds that she would only be used as a thief to steal for V.I.L.E rather than against them, upset by the answer, Gray charges the Crackle Rod up and bids goodbye, using the Black Sheep codename, Carmen tells him he is not listening as her name is now Carmen and engages in a fight with her former classmate as she grabs the Crackle Rod and attempts to use it as a threat though Gray tells her that it will only work for him due to fingerprint recognition, Carmen then kicks Gray into the face causing him to land in the window as she breaks the rod, Carmen's signal returns to Player as he questions if he miss anything important, Carmen assures him that he already knows everything as Chase finally makes it onto the train only to discover that it is not Carmen under the coat but rather Gray but is interrupted as Julia then calls him, she tells him that The Eye of Vishnu had been found at the scene as she believes Carmen left it there, now on a boat, Players wonders why Carmen left the jewel in the hands of Interpol as the latter claims she wanted a better item, she removes the small bag to reveal she retrieved one of the Russian dolls that she had throughout her childhood.

As she is driven to safety, she asks Player if the funds had been wired to the next non-profit organisation on her list as Player admits that they did as Carmen listens in, Player then alerts her that he had the time to decrypt V.I.L.E's next heist with South East Asia, on the Island of Java, Carmen jokes that she believed she was done with Island as Zack continues to drive the board down the canal.

Meanwhile, Agent Zari of A.C.M.E stands on another boat from a distance and informs her boss, The Chief, that they have Carmen Sandiego within their sights.



For the transcript, see: Becoming Carmen Sandiego: Part 2 Transcript.


  • Despite not having a line, Zack appears at the end as the driver of the boat.
  • Despite not being named, A.C.M.E makes its debut with Agent Zari and a mention of The Chief.
  • During Cookie and Carmen's talk, the theme song for Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego plays.


Team Red[]




  • Sharon Muthu as Agent Zari

In Other Languages[]

Language Title Meaning
Spanish La transformación de Carmen Sandiego: parte 2 The Transformation of Carmen Sandiego: Part 2
Swedish Att bli Carmen Sandiego: Del 2 To be Carmen Sandiego: Part 2
French Carmen Sandiego, les origines : 2e partie Carmen Sandiego, The Origins: Part 2
Portuguese Quem é Carmen Sandiego? - Parte II Who is Carmen Sandiego? - Part II
Italian Le origini di Carmen Sandiego: Parte II The Origins of Carmen Sandiego: Part II
Hebrew להפוך לכרמן סנדייגו: חלק 2 Become a Carmen Sandiego: Part 2
Greek Η γέννηση της Κάρμεν Σαντιέγκο: Μέρος 2 The Birth of Carmen Sandiego: Part 2
Thai กว่าจะเป็นคาร์เมน ซานดิเอโก้: ตอนที่ 2 Carmen Sandiego: Episode 2
Arabic كارمن ساندييغو: جزء2 Carmen Sandiego: Part 2
Japanese カルメン参上! 後編 Calling on Carmen! Part 2
Korean 카르멘 산디에고의 탄생: 파트 2 The Birth of Carmen Sandiego: Part 2
Chinese 化身神偷卡門(下) Incarnation of the Carmen (below)

Changes in Other Media[]

  • In the book adaptation, 'Who in the World is Carmen Sandiego', the line Player first says when reconnecting with Carmen after retrieving her phone from Professor Maelstrom, "Guten tag, Strudelhaus of Düsseldorf," is changed to "Becky's Bacon and Barbecue House. Can I help you?"

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