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Ann Tickwittee is an ACME agent and Good Guide for the Time Pilot program. Her name is a play on the word "antiquity."


She garnered an interest in Archaeology after reading about the lost city of Troy, wondering how it was possible to lose an entire city in the first place. She attended ACME's Good Guide school at their Institute of Carmenology and earned a degree in "Ancient Cities and Other Dusty Stuff." Because of this, Ann considers it her mission to guard the historical treasures of the world.

The Babble-On Machine

Ann was one of several ACME agents sent to investigate the mysterious Tower of Babble. After accidentally finding herself on top of the tower, she fell through a trap door into Carmen's laboratory. She was quickly captured and was the last agent connected to the Babble-On Machine. She was eventually freed from the machine by Agent 13 and provided all of the data she had collected on V.I.L.E. hideouts before being captured. Afterwards, she returned to ACME headquarters to file the report on her capture.[1]

ACME Good Guide

Sometime after the events of the Tower of Babble, Ann became a Good Guide for the ACME Time Pilot program. Her primary responsibility was to provide help to Player during field missions involving time travel to ancient civilizations. She played a crucial role during the recovery of the ACME Chronoskimmer, after it was stolen by Carmen. She served as the Good Guide to Player in Ancient Egypt, the Mali Empire, the Incan Empire, and the Aztec Empire. Alongside the other Good Guides deployed during these events, she also provided aid to Player in the final chase to capture Carmen.[2]


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