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All For One is the 3rd episode of Season 2 of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?


When Carmen's henchmen botch a robbery of the Shwe Dagon Pagoda in Myanmar, Zack and Ivy are called in on the case.


Shwe Dagon Pagoda, Yangon, Myanmar.

Daryl Ryska and Al Loy, two henchmen of Carmen Sandiego, decide to come to this temple to siphon the gold from the temple. Their infighting lead them to fight each other and destroy the ship they used. Carmen comes and picks them up, and they lead the police through the streets and escape.

The next morning, Zack and Ivy are sent to investigate the attempt. Carmen is on a street somewhere and pays someone to deliver a message. The person walks up the temple and greets the pair of detectives, which they open.The pair figure out that the three had in common is that they were all recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize; the two detectives take a C5 corridor to Oslo, Norway, the place where the prizes are granted. The pair arrive in Norway to see a Viking longboat gets stolen and used by henchment to row with Carmen cheering them on. Zack and Ivy use a boat by a local person bu are lost by sheer power. Carmen sends over a model boat with a little person ringing a bell 5 times. This was to represent the olympic games, of which the olympic torch was supposed to start that day.

The pair use a c5 corridor to travel to Athens Greece, where the Olympic torch flame is about to be lit. There, crimenet reports more was stolen. They head to Athens and realize she had stolen things so that they could improve their teamwork in order to do the theft the proper way. Thus, they return to Yangon, in Myanmar. In Olympic fashion, Carmen is encouraging her team, while they work together to steal; this time was steal some of the water near the temple. Zack and Ivy foil their plans by knocking the henchman out for capture. Carmen leaves in the night.

Stolen Items[]

  • Gold from Temple
  • Viking Long boat from Oslo
  • Code of Hamarrabi stone
  • US Army obstacle training course.


  • Images of Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, and Henry Kissinger
  • miniature boat with person and bell on ti.
  • Tunic
  • Olympic day


  • Yangon, Myanmar
  • Oslo, Norway



  • What country is the original home of the Vikings?
    • Norway was the original home of the Vikings
  • What was a hot fashion back in ancient Greece, worn by both men AND women?
    • In Ancient Greece, both men AND women wore slip-on garments called TUNICS.


  • Tunic


  • This is the second time to feature Al Loy
  • This is the first time to feature Daryl Riska




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