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Al Loy is a henchmen for Carmen Sandiego.

He appears in A Date with Carmen Part 1 and A Date with Carmen Part 2. He is seen helping the thief steal the ships that held the tea pivotal to the Boston Tea Party. He later time travelled with Carmen to 1752 to produce a fake Liberty Bell.

He was a boy genius who is an expert in metallurgy. He began his career at age 7 with counterfeiting subway coins, later progressing to hijacking ore shipments, robbing steel mills, and burglarizing foundry. He earned a degree while in prison.

Later, he and Daryl Riska tried to steal gold from a temple in Yangon, Myanmar. They fight and later had to be rescued by Carmen when the police arrive. They later work together. (All For One)

His name is a pun on the word “Alloy”.