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Aileen is a Hawaiian ACME detective.

She went onto a case with Ivy and Zack in an effort to catch Carmen Sandiego. There, she hid in a mailbox and came out to catch Carmen and Hannah Lulu when they came out to rob the Iolani Palace. There, they caught her and she was cheered on by her brother Max, who told her that she would be famous by the 11 hour news.

Later she goes to Waimea, Hawaii where a celebration is held in her honor. She is at a table with Zack making a traditional dish named Poi with Zack when the chief briefs them on the most recent events. Chief briefs them about the most recent theft. She travels to Hilo but does not stop Carmen in stealing the Naha stone. She falls into the ocean water as a result and is picked up by Ivy; She then dives into the bay and retrieves a clue. This clue leads them to Bishop Museum in Honolulu; she witnesses Carmen drive and fall down a cliff and turn the car into an amphibious vehicle.

Aileen then talks with Ivy and Zack, and was told they overhead something about a helicopter; She reveals that the only place safe enough for a helicopter is the Nuuanu Pali clifftop. There she helps Zack and Ivy set up a "fake" Nightmarchers to scare Hannah Lulu, while a police helicopter swoops in to arrest both, but is disconcerted that Carmen escapes again.

On Honolulu, she is overjoyed that everything has been returned to their original locations.