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Agent Zari is an agent of A.C.M.E. tasked with locating Carmen Sandiego by the Chief, she was introduced in Becoming Carmen Sandiego: Part 2 and originally worked with Julia Argent before the latter later left to pursue her history job. When Julia left, Zari was assigned to work with Chase Devineaux in season three.


Agent Zari has platinum blonde hair, slicked back into a bun with tan skin and green eyes. She wears an ACME issued suit in every scene that she is seen in.


The master of the deadpan, Agent Zari is a levelheaded and smart woman who is extremely dedicated to her job. She can come off as cold and challenging at first, as was seen during her sparse interactions with Julia when they were partnered together during the second season. However, as one eventually warms up to her, they learn that may not exactly be the case. Though still remaining stoic at times, Zari has been shown to crack some tongue-in-cheek jokes, such as when poking fun at Chase's banana costume in The Masks of Venice Caper. ("You didn't.... peel off after her?") During that same episode after being hit by Hideo, she was seen to have her mood dampen, talking with Chase in a dejected and quiet tone synonymous with the aftermath of a head injury. In the end, however, Zari's personality and character have flourished, seeming to loosen up during her partnership with Chase. Though as noted in The Jolly Good Show Caper, her stance on Carmen does not seem to have changed like Chase's has begun to, further enforcing the fact that she values her job and loyalty to Chief as a priority.


She studied two years in Florence, Italy, becoming fluent in Italian while doing so.




  • She is very knowledgeable in piloting a boat, as seen in The Sticky Rice Caper.
  • Prior to being partnered with Julia, Agent Zari's partner was an unnamed A.C.M.E Agent. He still occasionally appears in cameos from episode to episode.
  • Zari is confirmed to be her last name, as consistent with other agents.