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A Higher Calling is the second episode in Season 1 of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?


Carmen steals Stonehenge, several other mysterious ancient items, and finally the Arecibo Telescope in Peurto Rico. It's all in a wild attempt to contact extraterrestrials... Carmen Sandiego style!


Stonehenge, Salisbury Plain, England. Carmen Sandiego is chased by police, who want her captured. She arrives at Stonehenge. She manages to make off with all 162 stones.

Zack and Ivy are in San Francisco enjoying their vacation. They read that Carmen stole Stonehenge, while riding on a cable car. The Chief contacts them and they get into a portal that takes them to England, where they are on their search for Carmen.

They are sent into the area where they are greeted by a pole that suddenly juts outside the ground. On top is a box, which Ivy retrieves by climbing to the top. . They open it and it is a Mayan statue with Mayan script and a shield. They use a portal to Ellesmere Island to consult an archaeologist, who tells them that the symbols and shield link to a specific King from the Mayan city of Palenque.

A portal takes them the main temple in Palenque. Walking inside, Zack and Ivy are on guard. VILE operative Four Chin Hunter is there with another guard, and they set a trap on behalf of Carmen. Zack and Ivy trap a tiger in the trap. Heading downstairs, they subdue the two operatives, and Chief tells them that the next clue is in the Pacific Ocean, after Carmen's team stole a telescope. Making connections, they realize the items are close to something related to Aliens. They realize it has to be Easter island is the next target.

On Easter Island, they witness Carmen stealing a Maoi head. Talking to the Chief again, they get more clues. In Puerto Rico, a security guard was tied up but heard a guard whistle a tune. Baffled, they look for places where a huge satellite could fit perfectly and three clues come to mind: the Serengeti in Africa, Siberia, and Ayers Rock in Australia. Zack remembers the tune is a sone from Australia and they head to Ayers Rock.

At Ayers Rock, they see a set up for an attempt to contact. Witnessing Carmen, they walk up to the metallic metal walk way in an attempt to confront her. Lightning strikes it, and Zack falls over, but to be caugh by Ivy. She swings him down a slippery rope and to safety. Not willing to be put under arrest, Carmen says she'll never be caught. A bright light appears, making Zack think it is an UFO. However, it was a hover craft that takes Carmen to safety.

Safe now, Ivy and Zack get on the ground again. Together, they recognize that no extra terrestrials are contacted and Carmen's plan was stopped. Next time, they would stop Carmen Sandiego.

End goal[]

  • Carmen stole the items in an attempt to contact extraterrestrials.

Stolen Items[]

  • Stonehenge
  • Arecibo Telescope
  • Maoi Head


  • Jack-in-a-Box with a Mayan statue as Jack
  • Telescope Witness remembering a henchman whistling "Waltzing Matilda"



  • The giant circle of sone monoliths in Salisbury, England, is called?
    • The giant circle of stones in Salisbury, England is called Stonehenge.
  • Can you name three things the ancient Mayans had that we still use today?
    • Calendars, Roads, and Schools


When the archaeologist takes off the shield on the Maya statue to see where Zack and Ivy have to go, the shield is in the hand of the archaeologist and on the statue.


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