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A Date with Carmen Part 2 is the 13th and final episode of Season 1 of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?


In this two part episode, Carmen announces she's going to do what no thief has ever done before... steal something that doesn't exist! Soon our heroes are off on a wild chase through time, as Carmen pilfers a series of famous and infamous historical objects from their original owners!


A montage is shown of prior events leading to Carmen stealing the key from Benjamin Franklin.

As Carmen holds the key and walks back to her time vehicle, Zack and Ivy take a horse to catch up. They manage to chase it and stop it as it tried to gain speed to travel via time. Ivy steals the key from Carmen and her henchmen as they escape via time. For a moment, they talk to Benjamin Franklin, who having seen the technology in front of him, is interested in the technology and the two ACME detectives instead of performing the lightning experiment. They convince Benjamin Franklin to conduct his experiment after telling him that the future of technology depends on him doing so.

They travel back to Boston 1773 to the Boston Tea party 5 minutes before the theft of the ships to deal with the henchmen. An unnamed henchmen and another named Al Loy worked on the ship to set up the items to steal the ships, including mujltiple engines. They see the original car with a date set for 1752, and a horseshoe, the one from Paul Revere's horse.

As they are about to steal it, they deal with the henchmen and set off an engine that causes a bright spark in the day. The Liberty Boys see the explosin and take it as a signal to commence; the Liberty Boys commence the Boston Tea Party. Carmen talks and leaves, leaving them the clue of “ring”. They put thogether the cluse of Al Loy, liberty, and Bell, and determine that they will steal the Liberty Bell when it was manufactured in 1752 in London, England.

Arriving at WhiteChapel Foundry, they enter to see Carmen trying to steal a bell. They fight and swing a bell that cause Al Loy and the unnamed henchment into a barrel of purple ink, while Zack steals the horseshoe. The boiling cast material spills and nearly catches Zack as well but Ivy saves him. Carmen acknowledges she is foiled, and immediately jumps into the ship with her henchmen.

The Chromoskimmer takes them to Paul Revere's cabin in Boston 1775. The ACME agents arrive and stop the theft of the horsewhen when the two different shoes merge. Zack steals a chip from the time travel vehicle in a moment of distraction. Carmen and her henchmen goes through the place; Zack reveals he had taken the Russian time chip so Carmen could only go one direction: Home to the modern day.

Paul Revere comes out the barn to commence the midnight ride. Zack realizes he still has the horseshoe and he will fall. They take another rhorse and follow, putting the shoe back on. Paul Revere thanks them and continues on. The midnight ride is successful and history is restored; The pair of detectives use the Chronoskimmer to return to the present and Carmen is defeated.


  • San Francisco
  • Philadelphia, Penn Colony, 1752
  • Boston 1773
  • London 1752
  • Boston 1775


  • Date on time vehicle
  • Metal, bells, ring
  • Al Loy's metallurgy
  • Liberty Bell


  • Carmen
  • Zack
  • Ivy
  • Chief
  • Al Loy
  • Paul Revere

Educational questions[]

  • What did the famous inventor, Benjamin Franklin, prove about the properties of lightning?
    • Benjamin Franklin proved lightning is a powerful form of electricity. aul Revere.”
  • The Liberty Bell is currently on display in what American city? Washington DC? Philadephia, or Boston?
    • Today, the Liberty Bell can be seen in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


  • The Boston Tea Party was referenced in the 2019 Netflix series Carmen Sandiego





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